how will gas poisoning

Morning News & nbsp; February 8 19 am,, in the Hefei High-tech Zone Xing Park District, four men and a woman were found dead at home. It is understood that the five per capita is close to the cell of a hair salon employee, the cause of death was identified as carbon monoxide overdose.
8, 21 am, the night enveloped the Hindu community garden seemed very calm. The incident of 52 buildings were blocked by police tape,karen millen dress,, within 50 meters of any person shall not pass. After the front building, a number of onlookers gathered residents.
"Great New Year's, how will gas poisoning, a serious matter so ah?" 8 pm just returned from the field back to Hefei, Mr. an ancient standing outside the cordon,babyliss curl secret, softly talking about.
Live in the same building of a small mountain,, has been at home during the Chinese New Year, almost did not how a married, she did not notice any anomaly, "from downstairs through,, there is no smell strange taste, how would cause such a large gas leak The accident it? "looked out of the police, there is little doubt a stomach Yue heart.
Crowd, two young men walked hurriedly front, upstairs, they somber,babyliss curl pas cher, silent all the way. According to residents informed introduction, these two young men lived in the incident room, and five deceased colleagues, but also the discoverer of the accident.
8 in the evening time, a small hair salon staff Qin (a pseudonym) from the end of the vacation home back to Hefei, rented the house door locked, windows closed. Small Qin knocked for a long time no one answered the door,scarpe mbt outlet, he felt a little strange,, then try to turn on the second floor from the broken window into the room downstairs.
Entered the house, small Qin he froze. The room was filled with a strong smell of gas, the living room, dressed in pajamas paralyzed female colleagues in the bathroom door, she shouted a small Qin few times, but nothing happened. This should be in the house several other male colleagues have not disappeared.
Small Qin embolden opened the bathroom door and found four male colleagues lying on the bathroom Guangzhebangzi equally there is no sound. Upon seeing the small Qin panic call 110.
Unfortunately, after examination confirmed that five colleagues have been small Qin died, including three men who have emerged Shiban, the time of death more than a day, another man and woman dead time over eight hours.
Detected by the relevant personnel, preliminary identification of the reasons for the deaths of five people excessive intake of carbon monoxide, suggesting that a gas leak was the bath, resulting in accidents.
According to reports, five of the dead were employees of a nearby hair salon,, aged between 21 years to 28 years. As of 22:00 reporters to leave,, the police are still on-site investigation,babyliss curl secret,, the specific reasons for the accident pending further inquiries.
Since the beginning of winter, the city has many incidents of gas poisoning during the Spring Festival is still the accident continues. To remind the general public, when home use gas appliances, pay attention to safety, proper ventilation windows, in order to avoid recurrence of pity. Reporter Wang Liang

together with the mistress

Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Wang Hongwei and Tong Xunyuan Xiaoyu Zhiqiang man "affair", asked for a divorce repeatedly refused, together with the mistress,, who strangled his wife after the corpses thrown in the waste mine. Yesterday, Sanmenxia Intermediate People's Court hearing of this cause affair triggered postmortem murder case, but not in court for sentencing.
Mine owners affair,, intends to get rid of his wife & nbsp;
Nearly Pentecostal Tianchi Mianchi County town was originally a farmer Zhang Kui, a few years ago,mbt outlet, he opened in Mianchi bauxite and coal mines, to earn a lot of money. In 2006, Zhang Kui know the beautiful face of insurance salesman Zhao Xiaohong, the two renting cohabitation, and meet their marriage after divorce.
2007,babyliss pro perfect curl, Zhao Xiaohong smooth divorce, but his wife Lu Zhang Kui change cloud strongly disagree divorce.
Lu Yun-for-thought,scarpe mbt outlet,, she and Zhang Kui married for many years, and now his family was better, the children are over 20 years old, Zhang Kui have to a small three divorced, I can not agree.
Since then, Zhang Kui repeatedly to divorce, were rejected.
In 2009, Zhang Kui's divorce is still not progress. Zhao Xiaohong Zhang Kui wanted to leave, ready to go to Shenzhen to find friends. Zhang Kui did not agree, saying lose his wife to get rid of.
After strangled his wife, Shen corpse meters deep
February 2010 21 evening 8:00,,karen millen outlet, Zhang Kui driving their own black Santana sedan to go to account by the LU change cloud cheated out of sitting in the copilot position, and in the way of his brother Zhao Xiaojun Zhao Xiaohong connected. When reaching near Mianchi County orchard Gengcun,, Zhao Xiaojun with a nylon rope fierce Leroux change cloud neck, causing the suffocation death.
Subsequently, the two drivers will swap Lu Yun's body thrown to the meters within an abandoned mine.
That night, Zhang Kui said after arriving home two sons cheated, angry clouds change Lu ran away from home. The next day, both families looking for but no one o'clock news. Lu Yun's sister exchange swap began to suspect Lu Yun was killed Zhang Kui.
July 1, 2010,scarpe mbt, Zhang Kui relatives escorted to Mianchi County Public Security Bureau surrendered that night,, Zhao Xiaojun,, Zhao Xiaohong also arrested. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
Trial, the three confessed to the crime,, remorse. The case will choose a sentencing date.

In an interview with reporters

□ "kindergarten is too difficult places are routed to the next two years," the follow-up
Quality nursery supply and demand less and less financial allocations allow to build gardens admission fee to become the unspoken rules
After this newspaper reported that nursery admission difficult news, hotline constantly, interactive topic always focused on a "difficult" words. Reporters will classify the parents point of view, we think that "difficult" for two reasons: nursery places too; nursery fees are too high.
At present, Chengdu market nursery school fees,, ranging from 1000 to 20,000 yuan, why should receive so much money, they used the money gone? Reporters visited the different categories of six kindergartens,, listen to the principal, the teachers talk about.
In an interview with reporters, each kindergarten are very clear to say "build park fee" and "donate tuition fees" and other words, the fee forthrightly. Principals who have complained: "The government less investment,, high-quality nursery too little, leading to lack of nursery places quota for admission must be the main reason for high prices." They lament awkward, to reporters calculations nursery expenditure account.
Spending a pay half of teacher salaries
Kindergarten Why build park fee income? Authorities said a kindergarten, kindergarten distinguished schools, does not belong to nine-year compulsory education stage,scarpe mbt outlet, only the difference between the state's appropriation, it can only self-financing Office Park. Teachers' salaries are a big expenditure: "Our school is only about 50 percent of the teachers can get within the preparation of financial payment of wages, not including benefits, and the rest come from staff salaries only shared by the collective and individuals? For example, Orchard fee deducted. "
The principal said the school children outside the park not only difficult, but also greatly exceeded the park dolls, super class amounted to about 15 people,karen millen sale, the current general teacher-student ratio in kindergarten reached 1:10, or even 1:12, teacher loads considerably.
"Body tired, tired, tired heart and brain,, wages are not high." Xiaoming (a pseudonym), 12 years of teaching experience, salary less than 2000 yuan. "I meet every morning at 7:20 for duty early school children generally do not nap at noon, according to seasons, festivals and
Teaching activities carried out timely replacement class environment, furnished nursery. PM did not have to go home to rest, have a few children's piano tutor, Zhengdian extra money to support their family. "However, she stressed, was the first place in the kindergarten.
Expenditure pay rent and hardware and software upgrades
A private kindergarten, said the high cost of private, large expense that rent, "medium-sized nursery,scarpe mbt outlet, annual rent at 20-30 million range." Public park by the state to build the park, why build park fee also ranks stubbornly high?
A public park director said, because the kindergarten would have not received enough money should DEGREES spawned tight market but help smooth the nursery expenses. "Now the fees for kindergartens is 10 years ago, the price of nuclear and infant classes receive a monthly 500 yuan, 440 yuan per month to close a large middle shift, and now cost survey shows at least 1,500 yuan a month." Expenditures include the bulk of equipment update, add, teacher training and so on.
"One of the hotel needs renovation 5 years once, but three years in kindergarten must be updated every hardware, or at a higher level in the software,, or no parents are willing to send their children here." Several principals have said that although the full degree but must take into account sustainable development,scarpe mbt outlet, parents want their children to use the whiteboard, computer, multimedia,, piano, air conditioning. It is understood that the kindergarten in evaluating management departments at all levels are also costly,babyliss pro perfect curl, a private kindergarten only in the district in kindergarten this year to upgrade the evaluation to spend 100,000 yuan, "the kindergarten level is high, and can be more trusted by parents." Principal He said of course not rule out some kindergartens charge to profit from.
Spending three daily necessities and utilities
In a bit of scale kindergarten, wash, wipe your mouth, respectively disinfecting wipe or towel drying,, wipe with a paper towel is brand paper towels. Kindergarten, said: "water, electricity, vegetables, daily necessities costs, these expenses had to build gardens daily fee charged ah." It is understood that
Prices and education sectors in recent years has increased the nursery food hygiene supervision, regular checks, so many public parks will be unified procurement of food in supermarkets, "even the seasonings are afraid to purchase in the free market,, so as the prices go up kindergarten costs will increase. "
They told reporters that the past two months the cost of the relevant departments have undertaken research in kindergarten, kindergarten fees have been relevant departments of the attention, they also want to make as much as possible as primary and secondary schools as kindergarten management specification, there is a uniform standard, "Do not Let us live in the cracks embarrassing. "

my brother also did not come back

Night of the incident Moumou village doctors are still playing cards on the table. Our reporter Han micro photo
The evening of June 19, Zaozhuang City, Yicheng District,babyliss curl pas cher, South Street Liu Wu Lin Wang Sihai village, because of physical discomfort, to the village clinic doctor, hung up the bottle, the doctor went to play cards. Two bottles did not end, Wang Sihai down in the infusion room, was sent Yicheng District People's Hospital died.
Doctors cards go hang bottle
On the 25th, the reporter went to Wu Lin Yicheng District,scarpe mbt, Zaozhuang City Street South Village Wang Sihai home, the family is still immersed in grief. sister said, and now the family can not accept what happened: just ordinary injection, how it makes people gone? "At 20:00 on June 19 and more, my brother felt uncomfortable, in a quantity of household thermometer, 37 .5 ℃, went to the village clinic injections. Later, I see more and more time late brother's wife, my brother also did not come back, he ran clinics look at the situation. I did not expect, to the clinic infusion room to see my brother lying on the ground, how to call did not respond. The clinic's doctor,, but are separated by five houses a same room playing cards, did not know the patient fainted here. "
sister said, was from a doctor who learned to play cards that night clinic doctors Moumou only one person, to hung bottle, Moumou went to the west side of the house to play cards, while alone was left in the house apart five easternmost infusion room.
"They said a few cards,, so after the first bottle of fluids when my brother also call a doctor to change the needle, changing the needle after completing the doctor went to play cards until I went to siblings,, doctors just panicked, any rescue measures are not, directly to the handlebars of my brother pulled the District People's Hospital, but the hospital, doctors said people have had the best rescue time, people can not be saved back. "Wang Sihai sister said.
"Poker doctor" has XingJu
"I heard this before in our village doctors in the hospital fired boiler, and later test the rural doctor qualification certificate, placed in our village when the village doctor that there are two doctors, and nurses, and later on the left Under the name Dr. Sun Di and his wife here to give us a doctor. "South Village villagers told reporters.
Reporters came to Wu Lin rural hospitals, met President Wang hospitals. President Wang said, the village sent down through a rural village doctors doctors qualification examination, and obtain the relevant certificate, in rural hospitals have sent all these under a doctor's archives. Moreover, people who want to obtain a qualification certificate, you need to have the appropriate qualifications. When asked whether the file can be viewed South Liu village health practitioners Moumou, the reporter was informed that the doctor in charge of records management is not the hospital,, specific cases, other people do not know.
As rural doctors directly under the management units,scarpe mbt, rural hospitals if relevant responsibilities from the sudden death in this incident? Practice accident, whether Moumou village doctors will be revoked qualification certificate was ordered to not be allowed to practice medicine? During the interview,, the township hospital official said,babyliss curl pas cher,, the hospital management as a rural doctor subordinate units, all in the deal with the accident will be conducted in accordance with judicial procedures,, as for village doctors whether someone will be resumed practicing certificate revoked, will be appropriate, in accordance with the relevant provisions deal with. Reporters learned from the police station, Wu Lin,babyliss curl pas cher, village doctors Moumou XingJu.
I do not agree with the autopsy the cause of death a mystery
Autopsy can determine the cause of death of the deceased, but the family of the deceased for autopsy, but differences of opinion. Sister of the deceased, said she and younger brother's wife are in support of an autopsy, but the life and death of old father does not agree, the autopsy has not signed a consent form, particularly his brother's death remains a mystery.
Reporters came to the sudden death of the deceased at the time of injection clinic, the door has been locked. Reporters from the clinic back wall of windows looking in on the night of the incident Moumou and other doctors in the room playing cards, playing cards still at the table. During the interview, the deceased sister said, because the early death of his mother, father, suffering from depression, the death of his son, the condition of the elderly has become serious, simply can not do an autopsy to listen to such a thing. Do not do an autopsy so that a person in a dilemma.
"Do not do an autopsy, no one can arbitrarily determine, is dead for their own reasons, or because of drug deaths, rely on autopsy results to determine." Wu Lin police station said the incident is still under investigation.
& Nbsp,;

many times with people in the sex trade

Readings Mei-US: From 4000-5000000000
"Beauty" Comment: hype fame "inspirational story"
Mei-US spent three years, fried red himself,, uninterrupted irreparably exposed so that they are active in the forefront of public opinion, but no matter what aspect of the message are inseparable show off their wealth on the subject, so Mei-US banknotes come from?
19 years in exchange for the pot of gold
August 2010, Wang Jun to introduce girls to help their friends play, friends introduced the Mei-US. Mei Mei flew from Beijing to Shenzhen, Wang arranged for her hotel the next day told her in a relationship, when she asked me for 30,000 dollars. After that,, she wants to look for the money Wang will fly to Shenzhen from Beijing,karen millen outlet, Wang arranged accommodation and a time to be nurturing her 50,000 fee.
Since then, Mei-US out of the north drift formal identity, is keeping open the day, while her first gold master encountered is the red fraternity shareholders Wang Jun, Wang Jun was started by real estate, then just make some investment money, through Shenzhen Hua Investment Co., Ltd. to invest 500 million in the red fraternity.
It is the "godfather" of the emergence of so Mei Mei flourishes, "Maserati" and "names package show" turned out.
And Mei-US this pot of gold "godfather", which means "was only 19 years old, is a little shy, not wanting to admit boyfriend large so than myself, so just said Wang Jun is the godfather." Mei said the United States, she did not expect more pull, the more pull clear.
By Red fried red himself open to commercial speech in the name of high-priced prostitution
To increase the capital to show off, Mei-US according to their own imagination, the personal microblogging certification was renamed from "singer actress" to "Chinese Red Cross commercial general manager" release luxury cars, luxury goods and other luxury lifestyle show off photos, will She herself, the Chinese Red Cross Red fraternity had no relations in advance of the vortex of public opinion.
After the rise to fame, has returned to the artist Mei-US identity, signing a southern performing arts companies, the company arranged for her at least 50 times a year, "Night of commercial speech", each paid 50,000 yuan,scarpe mbt outlet, which is their main source of income. But the police verification, Mei-US so-called "commercial speech" is less than 20 games, the more it is by "commercial speech" in the name of the sex trade.
According to Mei-US statement, in July 2013, on receipt of the other 50,000 yuan deposit, according to Mei-US agreement from Beijing to Guangdong Jieyang at a hotel to meet with a man, and received its 300,000 Hong Kong dollars,scarpe mbt outlet, the the two had sexual relations. Jocie Kok back to Beijing after, the man sinks to her 110,000 yuan.
"Mei-US liaison through the Internet, and take the initiative to strike up an acquaintance introduced a variety of ways, many times with people in the sex trade, a price tag of several hundred thousand dollars each." Police investigators.
Character performances to join the TV drama
Had "rich second and soft mode inciting debauchery" and the infamous "Rendez-Vous", now it became a movie remake. A subject Mei Mei has become even participating protagonist, also playing in the play car shock,, etc. passion play, to fight eye. Then shooting the TV drama of the same name, "I am Mei-US."
Kangaroo gamble to make money another open gate
By the end of 2012, Mei-US casinos in Macau met a professional Texas Hold'em gamblers Kang Moumou (Chinese translation, foreign),, soon developed into lovers and living together in Beijing. In February 2013,, Mei Mei and planned casino in Beijing, its assistant Lv Moumou life to come forward,karen millen dress,, in the Chaoyang District, Beijing West Tower mansion in the price of 19,000 yuan per month to rent a house for Shedu . Subsequently, Mei Mei and Kang Moumou purchase tables, chips, POS machines.
Thereafter, every time Mei-US own hire professional licensing hand,, looking for the person responsible for the settlement of gambling money, and call or send micro letter to invite "friends" on-site gambling, she herself drawn 3-5% of the rebate as a "water money." Police initially verified, Mei-US open gambling gambling money amount per game in more than a million dollars, her personal by "pumping" several hundred thousand dollars of illegal profit.
In the name of fried names clicks for cash
"Mei-US gambling in Macau gambling debt owed 260 million yuan," news hit,, has now been confirmed but a website to enhance traffic, and Mei-US collusion and made a false speculation. To avoid being seen through speculation, carefully set the play within the play,babyliss curl secret, followed by exposure of the "new backer" Buzz Click climax.
In two waves of false speculation, Mei-US to obtain 40 million chips, followed to give 100,000 yuan.
Sex and gambling, Mei-US two-pronged approach, the fall of the money in the sea.
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high school dual security held diagnostic tests

Green's face screwed teacher (Source: China Daily)
Hua Daily News (reporter intern Chen Liu Bin deposit) due to an error in the classroom to answer questions, Ziyang double Changan double security, a 13-year-old middle school teacher fan boy face. Beat teacher says his aim is to children as soon as possible to improve performance.
March 25 afternoon,, in Ankang Central Hospital ward, Ziyang double double Changan Lee Ann's father said high school students, two weeks ago, Li Mougang transferred to the high school grade four double security. March 20,, Lee called up to answer questions in the language class,scarpe mbt, because reading the wrong words,scarpe mbt outlet, language teacher slapped him a few times,babyliss curl secret, worried parents afraid to go back, did not dare tell his family.
According to the said interval of three days, in a language lesson on Monday, Lee was again a question, answer the question because sound is too small, can not hear the teacher's face put Bing pulling a bit. March 25, China Daily reporter saw Lee in the hospital, his left cheek bruises clearly visible.
Lee Tao said language teacher,babyliss pro perfect curl,, high school dual security held diagnostic tests, Lee language scores only 40 extra points because it is arrived freshmen, they often ask questions, students are expected to adapt to the school's status as soon as possible. Last Friday's question Lee, Lee read the wrong part of the idiom a few words, Tao said that the day before had arranged a job, even when checks are also wrong,, I feel very angry,, they came to Lee Ning Leyi face, while conciliatory Lee's head will gently push a bit.
"I think I was wronged,, this is no way to do!" Tao said his aim is to be able to keep up with children's achievements as soon as possible, engage in teaching performance assessment of the county, the results ranked first reward of 1,000 yuan, the last row one, the principal will be removed, so they pressure. Tao said that the problem with the way their education, but also very helpless,, beating is the most primitive of the most stupid way,, he was also a lack of time to fully understand Lee.
Double security Pengming Hua Secondary School Principals,scarpe mbt outlet, said the school learned that Huang Tao after beating students, Tao closed immediately, and the Tao of criticism, let the students took to the hospital for examination and treatment, post-Tao for children and parents to make an apology, do not want their children leave psychological shadow. At the same time, Ziyang County Board of Education and Tao Peng Minghua principals were criticized.
(Original title: Error checks job too green student teacher classroom twist face)

Police found him working in Nanjing

Students ought Liu graduated this summer, from the beginning of last year, family members,, classmates, teachers would not contact him. Later, with the help of Nanjing Pukou Public Security Bureau of the police,scarpe mbt outlet, parents find it hard to hide his factory workers. It turned out that many programs fail him, and can not graduate as scheduled, feel sorry for his family, before playing away. Thankfully,mbt outlet, he did well in the unit, but the boss as a training object. Correspondent Wang Qiang Qin wing Modern Express reporter Li Shaofu
Seniors lost contact, family alarm
In early June last year, the Pearl River Pukou police station received the alarm from Nantong Liu, said the reading of a university senior at Pukou Liu son missing. Police understand that, Liu in early May last year after leaving school to practice,, they lost contact. His cell phone is empty.
Through extensive investigation police found that Liu family before the police, he did not have any exceptions. Logout phone number,babyliss curl secret, real-name registration accommodation, Internet, ranging from bank teller, etc., are Liu himself is.
Police initially concluded, Liu did not suffer duress, coercion,, is normal behavior for individual dominant. Considering he is an adult, the police can only be registered as ordinary people lost, unable to stand expand the investigation of criminal cases.
Next, the police also found some clues, and follow-up investigations, but to no avail.
Police found him working in Nanjing
Not long ago,babyliss curl pas cher, Pukou police launched there is a population of households in the area to verify the registration of the range, and specifically the establishment of a database. Pearl River police station Liu Wang Zhe always remember things,, by searching the database,, he found northbound in the registration information in a cell, there is Liu's relevant information. He immediately rush over,, and found refuge in Liu had left several days.
Had learned from the landlord, Liu rent for two months, and later said to live in the factory dormitory.
In order to find as soon as possible Liu, Wang Zhe his photos to Pukou branch established community police QQ group,,babyliss pro perfect curl, make the whole community police branch to pay attention when company visits. A few days ago, the community police Pukou along the police station, said Liu was found in an electronics factory work.
Parting year, the father and son finally meet
Yesterday morning, Wang Zhe with Liu's father, accompanied by community police station along the river rushed to the factory. Company manager who confirmed that the photograph is indeed the company's mechanic Liu. Later, in the manager's office,, has been more than a year and his son did not meet each other, the two cried together.
Police learned that Liu before the internship several courses that do not pass, it is difficult to graduate, I feel ashamed, afraid to go home to face their parents. He simply no longer in touch with his family, working in Nanjing alone, hoping to break some world back then.
Thankfully, Liu because diligent, willing to study, it is now technology leader, the company is also preparing to send his post-graduate training. Liu said that it will not try to make-over subjects as soon as possible to get a diploma.