very calm throughout the trial

Gang suspected of killing his father out of the courtroom by bailiffs. Our reporter Pudong Feng photo
(Reporter Pei Xiaolan) yesterday,karen millen sale, Wang Gang suspicion of intentional homicide in the Second City Court for trial. According to the prosecution alleged, he has been eating the old Gang allegedly after a dispute with his father, with a wooden stick and a knife to kill. He argues that his father hit him in court, he belongs to the over-defense. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
He said the father is suffering from depression trial
The 30 year old Wang Gang is the city, high school culture. The indictment shows that the year before last April,, he was intentional destruction of property held in administrative detention on the 14th; last May, due to assault being held in administrative detention on the 7th. The prosecution alleged, last May 19 at 10 am, Wang Gang, Chaoyang District, Beijing Chemical Plant in single quarters father Wang's residence, because of a trivial dispute with his father and melee. Process, Wang Gang, the father holding the stick hit the head,, torso, etc., and left his father with a knife lumbar puncture, caused hemorrhagic shock with head injury. The incident the next day, Wang was arrested. Prosecutors believe that Wang Gang suspected of intentional homicide. & Nbsp;
After the hearing,, the presiding judge asked Wang Gang allegations are true, he did not directly answer,, but said:. "Use a knife do not remember, we are melee,, was dark unseen" & nbsp;
Wang Gang is the only child at home, before the incident and parents were living in two dormitories, because there is no work, the living expenses paid by parents. The dormitory in 2009 began to move,,karen millen dress, the other tenants have moved out, only their family of three and one female tenants living there, the building has been water and electricity. According to Wang Gang said that his father had depression, because of that housing distribution is unreasonable, and the factory uttered contradictory, with Wang Gang did not work and his wife divorced,scarpe mbt outlet, the father of his dissatisfaction, often in contradiction.
Means father first hands-beaten
According to Wang Gang recalls the day in 16:00 and more, he went to his father's room Nayan, his father did not want to drink bad temper, he began to rebuke him, and let him drink half a bottle of Erguotou and four sleeping pills, and take the stick beat him. "He also took a fruit knife gestures, said to commit suicide after killing me." Wang Gang said, his head and arms were wounded father, but he did not fight back, after being pulled mother left home. Since then, he handled the wound, then went out drinking. & Nbsp;
At about 9:00, he came home, I heard my father speak loudly in the room, that parents in the quarrel,, he went to see one, but saw his father in a cell phone. According to Wang Gang's argument, his father saw him and then took a stick to beat him. He then picked up a stick to the corridor, with his father to fight each other. "It was very dark corridor, I can not see him, but felt he hit the upper body." Wang Gang said his father beat him, then he basically hit, beaten down to the ground behind the house returned. "I did not dare to look closer before, ran away." Downstairs, Wang Gang called 110 and 999, but he only said his father lived for all the trouble, not to mention who he is. Since then, he hit the car to the uncle, call 110 again, and had the same argument. Before leaving Wang Gang told his uncle that he broke his father, let uncle told her mother to send his father to the hospital. But the testimony of its uncle, said Wang Gang was clarified that killed his father, he informed the Gang's mother. Wait to get home when the Queen Mother, the police have arrived, and was lying on the floor of their husbands left midfielder stuck in a fruit knife, has died.
It was identified as a drunken state
Yesterday, Wang Gang in court do not always admit knife pierced his father, he calls himself the influence of alcohol and sleeping pills to remember. The prosecutor said police had done a psychiatric appraisal Wang Gang, the conclusion is committed offenses while in the physiological state of intoxication, assault in the passion, the ability to identify and control the presence, with full criminal responsibility. Wang Gang said, after leaving the uncle's home, he went to the bar to drink Ling
Morning, go home to sleep after. At that time, his father was already out of the room. After waking up the next day, he took thousands of dollars from home, went to his ex-wife's mother's home to see his ex-wife one last time, after being arrested in the vicinity. & Nbsp;
In testimony yesterday, he said the Queen Mother, Son vocational high school graduation worked elevator repairman and security, and housing after marriage because of emotional problems and his wife divorced, divorce bad state of mind, especially drunken temper became pale, love trouble. Administrative penalties twice before because of drinking and trouble. Wang Gang, very calm throughout the trial, did not apologize to his father and family. & Nbsp;
The case is no court verdict.
& Gt; & gt; a focus
Whether it is over - defense
On the court, Wang Gang stressed on several occasions that his father hit him, he said to kill him. He first did not fight back, second only to fight back with sticks, he believes he belongs to the over-defense. & Nbsp;
The prosecutor argued that Wang Gang with round wooden sticks, wooden sticks and knives total square three kinds of instruments to play his father, injured are the head, lung and spleen and other vital parts, his father fell to the ground did not fight back. He did not stop there the 16 cm long blade is fully inserted his father's waist. The prosecutor stressed that,mbt outlet,, because of this check had just accused the Gang of murder, apparently does not constitute over-defense. But there are post-alarm Wang Gang and other circumstances, the prosecutor recommended that the court be taken into account when sentencing.
& Gt; & gt; Focus II
Whether the deceased at fault
Yesterday,mbt outlet, Wang Gang's defense counsel, Wang Gang subjective vicious smaller, are crimes of passion, was beaten out of control in the process. And his father hands earlier, was identified Wang Gang also constituted Sometimes. Lawyers believe that the deceased Wang Fu also at fault, should be appropriate to reduce the Gang of criminal responsibility. & Nbsp;
This rebuttal, the prosecutor, "As a father, to educate their children should. Gang are so big, but also for his father for him to eat and drink, it should teach him a lesson." The prosecutor believes that there is no fault of the deceased, at least no fault of criminal law sense.
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