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Xiaoyun although already awake, but can not speak
Around at 3:00 on January 12, Bijie City Daping village town 13-year-old boy Xiaoyun (a pseudonym) Under no circumstances is the father Liu consciously lifted up sword chopped body 24 injuries, head cut 18 knife. Liu is currently held by the police arrest.
Yesterday afternoon, outside the Second Department of Bijie City People's Hospital emergency room,karen millen outlet, the reporter saw the injured Xiaoyun,http://palevo.com/gallery/displayimage.php?pid=104075/index.php, I saw his whole head was wrapped in white gauze all, only one eye exposed. Xiaoyun although already awake, but can not speak.
According to Huang's move to introduce the same village, about at 8:00 on the 12th,http://www.tfc-charts2.w2d.com/forum/index.cgi, Liu Xiaoyun cousin looking for work and found the door ajar Liu, opened the door to see a land of blood, Xiaoyun down in a pool of blood weak breathing room corner He curled up Xiaoyun 11 year old brother Xiao-rong (a pseudonym). Little Wing, said Liu Xiaoyun is held by his father chopped midnight, what is the reason he does not know. Liu cited chopped son after go out. The villagers quickly drove Xiaoyun go Bijie City Hospital, while call 110.
"It was time to see the baby, blood is drained, head bones were sticking out,http://bbs.weilanhaian.com/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, too poor." Recall the time when you see Xiaoyun, Huang Xiankang still looked very sad. Approximately at 11:00 on the 12th was sent Xiaoyun Bijie City People's Hospital for emergency treatment. Has undergone five hours 45 minutes,http://onigdesign.com/error.html, only to come out from the operating room, he has been in the emergency room observation.
Doctor Xiaoyun Wu Zheng confessed pipe bed, Xiaoyun severe bleeding, head cut 18 knife, skull cracks, there is a knife marks on the left shoulder, left hand on the back of four wrist was cut off, the skull appears exposed, nostrils cut pass, the body up to 24 wounds, after more than five hours of rescue, to a total of nearly 300 sewing needle, it is still not out of danger.
It is understood that 110 after receiving the alarm, He Guanzhun police station to give Liu arrested, has been handed over to the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Bijie City Public Security Bureau for further investigation three squadrons.
At that time, my brother Guiqiu father stop
January 12, Bijie City town Daping village tragedy occurred: the day around 3:00, Liu villagers held a kitchen knife at home with his son Xiaoyun (a pseudonym) seriously slashed. And its 10-year-old son witnessed his father chopped brother the whole process.
Brother cut twice Liu Wenju
Brother Guiqiu father
13, the reporter once again came to the incident Dapingzi village interview. Liu cited eyewitness saw the night the little son Rong (a pseudonym). He said: "That night my brother cut a total of two times,karen millen dress, the second time was on my knees to beg my father, he did stop!"
According to the small wing recalled that night many people, he was already into the back room to sleep. Sleep, I heard my brother Xiaoyun in pain. A look up, Xiaoyun eye bleeding, father Liu Xiaoyun after lifting the stamp skull with scissors.
Little Wing father shouted immediately stop, Liu move, there is no playing. Little Wing father shouted to his brother to find some medicine bandage, Liu move, said: "tube can not afford!" In this way, Xiaoyun brother had to go to bed and sleep together.
When almost dawn, the small wing has been awakened, "Bang, bang, bang" sound. Woke up and saw the Xiaoyun head full of blood,http://www.postyourblowjob.com, Liu also held with a kitchen knife lying on the ground while Xiaoyun cut. I saw my brother suffering like a small wing quickly knelt down and begged my father to stop, Liu move will stop there again.
After his son chopped
I drinking
At this time, Liu Xiaoyun give no tube life and death, but poured a glass of wine by the fire drinking.
Xiaoyun cold lying on the ground crying, then struggling to stand up, walk outbuildings warming himself, because there are only eyes can not see, was dustpan stumbled, fell to the ground.
Liu held without looking one,http://www.110.ne.jp, myself drinking. Xiaoyun sat two, three minutes, shouting cold, small wing then escorted Xiaoyun bed. Little Wing because of fear, in the fireplace to sit dawn.
Suspected non-biological son
He had negotiated alimony
During the interview, the local villagers to kill Liu cited speculation that the move a lot, mainly that because Xiaoyun not natural but "venting."
Ten years ago,http://sportsfan.jpn.org/cgi-kban/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=81&page=2, Liu's wife Moumou move is described by the local villagers, Lee met. According to the villagers said that before, Lee had an ambiguous relationship with the Moumou, Moumou married when Liu move, Xiaoyun not yet born the term. After Xiaoyun grow up, face some of the acts and actions and Lee are very much alike, this uproar in the village.
According to the village's old secretary, said Peter Wong first,karen millen sale, the absence of Lee married after the birth of two children are good, usually to Xiaoyun, a small wing buy some clothes. Lee had been looking for him last year and talked Xiaoyun Liu cited the problem of dependency, then to 300,000 yuan Liu held without negotiated. Liu cited during the funeral for his father, Lee also went to Liu family to help. But not someone mention the matter, resulting in a bad mood and take Liu cited outlet son, Peter Wong first not sure.
Liu cited the table regardless said she cite when asked why cut Xiaoyun Liu,karen millen sale, Liu move to say, we all know Xiaoyun Lee doll. Lee did not give him one hundred thousand, eighty, he is not the child returned to Lee.
"Children father," said
In Bijie City hospital, the reporter saw the villagers said Lee. He said: "The villagers said that the rumor!"
Lee said he was open disabled car in the village like him to help pull something or something. That is pathetic to see the baby, only to help pull the hospital, this also advance a few thousand dollars of medical expenses. Meanwhile,http://www.ito.dz/spip.php?article74, government leaders asked him to help take care of, he was left behind.
In addition, he believes that the Chinese New Year holiday to send a ten,karen millen outlet, eight blocks some money, buy clothes for the doll is a normal thing.
Currently, Xiaoyun still in intensive care treatment, yet out of danger.
It is understood that after the incident, Bijie City Women's Federation and the civil affairs department has coordinated three million medical expenses to solve the problem Xiaoyun treatment costs. Local police are speeding up the investigation.
Comprehensive Guizhou Metropolis Daily, Guizhou Daily reported