Three young girls brutally gang-raped

Schematic diagram of the case
Three "90" inexperienced girls, the evening of 28 August by a man from Houjie Pianzhi Kau, the nightmare began. After being raped and photographed nude,, the two girls were in the price of 7500 yuan, selling to Xingning two bath forced prostitution. One of the girls borrow guests wit phone for help, families rush night,karen millen outlet,, with the help of local police under Xingning, trapped in prostitution Cave were rescued two young girls.
And another girl is still missing, and the family is very anxious Chafanbusi, Kau police are currently being traced.
By skating understanding man cheated
Hsiao and red are cousins, from Henan, Guizhou Xiaofen from (three pseudonym), three in a shoe factory Houjie Santun work. The three girls a day congenial laughter.
But on August 28 of that nightmarish night will completely overturn their life.
Three girls after work when Houjie Santun a skating rink, met Xinyang man Adger.
August 28 at 6 pm, they received a phone Adger, invite three girls went to Kau for his sister's birthday. Under repeated invitations, the three girls together with Adger taxi, rushed Kau a business apartment.
Assuming recalls, "we did not see his sister, saw a man claiming to be his brother, and then again three men. What started yet,, they want to change jobs and asked the little red,karen millen outlet, heard small After the red,, he said did not want to, they began cheeky ferocious. "
He recalled that night, assuming you have a lingering fear, "We were slapping them mercilessly, then let's give them home address and other information."
Three young girls brutally gang-raped,, and was photographed nude in a hostel that night were sent to the central hall with two cars.
Two girls were sold into Yinwo wit help
After spending two nightmarish night, the evening of August 30,mbt outlet, Xiaolin and two vehicles have been sent Xiaofen Xingning Luogang hotel. Xiaofen said, "That night,, we never saw the red."
August 31 and September 1,, Hsiao and Xiaofen has sent Luogang Creek Village, two bath beauty being forced into prostitution.
"They forced us to three months in order to get out of prostitution." Xiaolin choked up.
Turning point came in September 3 evening, guests Xiaofen use wit to help mobile phone to his family, "when guests in the bath,karen millen sale, I have been crying, crying and asked me what the guests, I say that they are deceived into prostitution. Guests mobile phone lent me, I gave my father a call. Because I can not tell the location, the guests also specifically sent a text message, to tell his full address. "
Being three girls missing family members anxious like ants on a hot pan, after hearing the news, seven people drove the night of Xingning.
September 4 in the morning, with the help of local police under Xingning, two girls were rescued, while the boss is away two bath Xingning police investigation, the girl sold to men bath has fled.
Another girl is still missing
"That is the day of days inhuman, they are not allowed downstairs, a little not to be beaten from." Forced to pick up more than a dozen people each Xiaolin and Xiaofen within three days, has lingering.
Hsiao and Xiaofen was successfully rescued, the two families a little sigh of relief, while red was still missing, her father more anxious, Chafanbusi day.
Red tall, good look, outgoing, usually laughter. Family members could not help but think of her look was moved to tears. "September 4th, we made a special trip rushed Xingning, but did not find her in the back Dongguan highway, suddenly received her phone, but she said in Huizhou After the phone number has been shut down."
Currently,mbt outlet, gang rape and abduction of young girls involved in prostitution five suspects still escape,>Silva, Kau police confirmed this, and said it is being traced, to find the whereabouts of the little red. Reporter Han Yu Yan Jianming Drawing