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Metropolis Daily (microblogging) News & nbsp; (reporter Zhang Hao) more than 10 days have passed, Jianli three female high school students still lying Wuhan Tongji hospital intensive care unit. Yesterday, the family was informed that the children are food poisoning, beef sauce bottle may be to blame.
This three female high school students were Xia Qing, Xiaoya Yun and Wang Cheng,, are Jianli County Middle School new groove (12) classes of students, sharing a bedroom. Yesterday afternoon, reporters at Tongji Hospital, to see their parents.
3 people,, the most important condition is Xiaoya Yun. According to his father introduced Xiaozuo Bo, September 15, the daughter feel dizzy, malaise,piumini woolrich outlet, hoarseness, to small clinics did not improve after the injection. The next day, he brought his daughter County People's Hospital,, the day will go to the Tongji hospital treatment. Currently, her daughter by the ventilator to breathe. The doctor asked him to be psychologically prepared,, the daughter of a 50% mortality rate, 80 per cent of paralysis rate.
Wang Cheng's condition is relatively light. His mother Tongqiu Yan told reporters that she and her husband working in Guangdong. September 20, she received a phone call saying her daughter,collane tiffany, dizziness, blurred eyes,, difficulty swallowing,woolrich donna, unable to eat. Two days later, her daughter sicker,, she resigned to return home,woolrich outlet, her daughter came to Tongji Hospital.
Xia Qing Xia Hongjun father also come back from Wenzhou, at present, three girls in the same intensive care unit. Xiaoya Yun has spent 120,000 yuan, and the other two people each spent a few million medical expenses.
Hospital that situation, promptly report to the provincial CDC. September 28, CDC staff came to the hospital for information, and extract the blood,, bone marrow taken away for testing.
According to the three students parents introduced yesterday afternoon,, they went to the provincial CDC Advisory progress. A responsible person surnamed Guan told that they had sought the advice of experts from the Ministry of Health, the initial judge meat coli poisoning.
It turned out that in early August, three children to buy a bottle of beef sauce did not finish, midway school put five days off. Then go back to school after this beef sauce bottle finished. After beef sauce Kaifeng, heat perishable,hogan rebel, the cause is probably eating bad beef sauce.
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