"To be honest really scared

A person with a cell phone shot down looking at baby pictures.
"To be honest really scared, just thought it was constipation, did not think the child to premature delivery." October 16 at 6 pm, 34 weeks of pregnancy Wang Kangfeng always go to the bathroom, it can be had for two hours, children The head turned out. Due to the urgency of the situation too late to the hospital, her husband became a temporary home,http://overloadgames.x0.com, midwife, according to the book said to his wife midwife. Two minutes after Wang Kangfeng successfully gave birth to a baby boy weighing 6.6 pounds. 17, the reporter learned from the hospital,karen millen outlet,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ebest-dvd/0000000978868.html, preterm birth at home coupled with infection risks, now the child has been taken to the intensive care unit.
Morning check-afternoon to feel uncomfortable
"At first I thought it was constipation, and then I was to preterm birth." 17 morning, reporters at City Hospital of Eastern Hospital maternity ward to see the maternal Wang Kangfeng. According to reports, Wang Kangfeng who lives two cell Fushanhou, 30 years old this year, the 16th in the morning, accompanied by her husband to the hospital for check-ups, everything is normal. But to around 17:00, Wang Kangfeng suddenly want on the stool, I did not expect to go on the first and then also, 6 o'clock evening,http://mobile.deai-fraud.com, having been out on anything, but still it go to the bathroom. "I am most of the time alone in the toilet, then more and more uncomfortable, time to stand up and feel my stomach, it is distended panic."
According to Wang Kangfeng husband Han Guoning said later he quickly dialed 120, said the family of pregnant women constipation, causing discomfort so they hurried over.
Recall books busy husband to wife birth
"I went downstairs to the drugstore to buy back enema, just ready to use, I suddenly saw an object sitting on the toilet, the child's head is a little exposed." Han Guoning recalled that when the situation is too urgent, no time go to the hospital, so he took his wife to hold to the bed.
"At that time no time for fear, could think about prior to read the book, is how to deal with such a situation." Hanguo Ning told reporters, while he bite the bullet and births, while unable to comfort his wife,http://www.veryshun.com/phpwind/read.php?tid=2168653&ds=1, said "Relax, all right."
"Children born out of a sudden, I almost did not catch, I saw a boy, told me the object said to be a son." Hanguo Ning told reporters,http://taroato-hokuto.sakura.ne.jp/joyful/joyful.cgi?mode=res&no=12500, when he remembered a long time ago heard that the child was born To upside down, patted his ass, crying, then it shows the health of children. So he would hold the child's legs, "not enough time to beat his ass too, the children would wow to cry." After hearing the cries, the couple their heart was put down. According to reports, from discovery to preterm children to go to bed to be produced, then the child is born with a total of only two minutes of time.
Preterm children were sent to intensive care unit
"Children born out, but then I do not know how to do, so I quickly dialed 120 and told them not constipation,http://www.sendaimeiten.com, the child born out." Hanguo Ning told reporters that he followed the 120 emergency personnel if the child with clothes wrapped up, because the family had no health tools worried infection, he did not cut the umbilical cord to the children. The two of them went together 120 children awaiting the arrival of emergency personnel.
"To tell the truth, when we are afraid, because the child was 34 weeks, I do not know the baby can not survive." Hanguo Ning said.
"I feel very good,babyliss pro perfect curl, because it is premature birth, neonatal intensive care unit so the kids now, doctors say it may be a few days to come out." said that although have not been able to see his children, but her husband nurses use His son's cell phone took a few photos. See photos, Wangkang Feng said the child looked like his father,http://firstmonday.org, "In fact, as long as the child's health on the line, look at the photo I will be satisfied." Wangkang Feng said that although her preterm baby, but the weight has reached 6.6 kg.
■ remind
Maternal radical production rarely have signs and timely medical treatment
Municipal Hospital of Eastern Hospital director of obstetrics Jixiang Hong said, now the situation urgent production of rare, never quite a few cases a year. "From there the pain of childbirth to complete the delivery capacity of less than three hours is urgent, radical production is likely to cause maternal vaginal tear,babyliss pro perfect curl, baby intracranial bleeding, mothers should be approaching the hospital." Jixiang Hong said.
"Usually pregnant seven months or more may appear radical production." Jixiang Hong told reporters,babyliss pro perfect curl, but in pre-production of pregnant women have some signs, like suddenly felt abdominal pain, breaking the water, bleeding, few mothers appear defecation. that pregnant women who have a sense of defecation, do not defecation, because radical production delivery time is short,scarpe mbt, there is a history of anxious mothers the possibility of producing radical production is large, but most radical production is unpredictable, and the family found Maternal some symptoms, to be rushed to the hospital or call 120.
If time is tight,http://www.foss.lk/comment/profile.php?uid=98, mothers can not be promptly sent to the hospital, then family and encourage mothers to be told not to hold your breath, mouth breathing should be forced, if the baby came out, first to clean the baby's mouth, to prevent the baby inhaled amniotic fluid, and flick baby feet or pat ass, stimulate the baby to breathe. Then the baby umbilical cord clamping would not voluntarily cut, to prevent infection. Then pay attention to the baby warm, baby rushed to a hospital. In addition, mothers at home after childbirth, because of health conditions fail, maternal and infant should be as soon as possible to the hospital for tetanus. Text / Figure newspaper reporter trainee reporter Chen Meijie Wei Lili (Source: Peninsula Network - Peninsula Metropolis Daily)