and finally I phoned the driver to take

Xu was right to introduce the scene picked up the cassette transport,
He is a cleaner, a monthly income of 1,karen millen sale,500 yuan, the face picked equipped with more than one million yuan in cash cassette transport was unmoved.
Longgang District, when he was in the cleaners right Xu Zhong people, his behavior Pengcheng thousands of miles away passed for the elephants, and he later phrase "can not be lost in the virtues of Chongqing, Shenzhen," the touching of language, especially moving.
Fell a cash box on the armored car
54-year-old Xu Jinji rights are Zhongxian town Guilin village in Shenzhen as a cleaner. At 8:40 on August 20, just finished cleaning the street he was eating bread. In this case, an armored car from the Bank of China branch in the backyard Ping exit. "Bang!" When Xu armored car leaving from the right about 30 meters from the corner, a metal cash box thrown off the middle of the road.
Xu right to shout, but the driver did not hear. He stepped forward and picked up the cash box. Cash box a little heavy, Xu right immediately realized that the bank lost money.
"It was from the Bank working hours and nearly 20 minutes, for safety's sake, I'll mention the cash box at a roadside newsstand,, sitting on the cash drawer, guarding the cash drawer, and then wait for the bank to the bank to open for business . "27, right Xu Chongqing Morning News reporter interviewed on the phone.
Passers proposal rejected cents
"It was a man riding a motorcycle had I recommend to open the cash box and see if we split the money." Xu said right after the cash drawer landing near a motorbike drivers and other passers-by have seen this scene. People have approached, both excited and curious, and the right to open the cash drawer persuade Xu, Xu right but refused.
Xu remember right,, drop the cash box was rectangular, 40 to 50 cm long. Two were locked drawer locks, the middle handle. Although Xu cash box in the right do not know how much money, but he felt when lifting heavy drawer, there are about 15 to 20 kg. Therefore, he estimated cash money box no less.
"If the cash drawer in cash, based on the size of the cash box, I estimated that at least three million." Roadside stall selling newspapers Wang Yue witnessed the trouble the whole process.
According to eyewitness reports, the scene in addition to access to the bank's surveillance camera outside the door there is no probe can monitor road conditions.
There are an estimated million in cash
Everyone guess money box may have large amounts of cash, cash security guard who let Xu rights uneasy. Soon, the bank opened at 9 o'clock to work on time for business. Xu rushed to the cash box to the right of the bank staff.
"After a lapse of one day, several bank staff found me, except thank you outside, and gave me a bag of 800 dollars a red envelope inside." Xu right clearly remember, August 22,, Granville leopard escorted limited financial shares Thanks door staff when the company was picked up from his Saturday morning of the third day of the cash drawer.
Xu returning lost money right message on September 20 was informed that the local media. A claim to the Bank of China Ping Branch Road outlets Tianhong staff surnamed Chen, vice president of the Shenzhen Jing Bao reporter then interviewed admit, Xu does have the right to hand over the cash box issue, but declined to say whether the money box money, how much.
A man claiming to WINPARD Ltd. Longgang business department financial escort vehicles captain surnamed Zeng told reporters in Shenzhen Jing Bao, thrown off the armored cashbox regarding an accident is caused due to driver negligence. Surnamed Zeng denied money box money.
Later, the Bank of China branch of Ping Xu right after receiving the cash drawer picked up, the first time the phone call WINPARD company, and confirmed in a locked cash box sealed promptly returned to the Granville leopard companies. Party drivers were dismissed, the other three people were directly responsible for the processing.
Xu picked up the money right box is there money? Chongqing, a bank staff said the general operation and cassettes weight of about 2.5 kg. Chongqing Morning News reporters Shang Wang and Zha Zheng, many manufacturers of transport cassettes are plastic material, the weight is generally less than 3 kg, while Xu picked up right at the time estimated the transport cassettes heavy "15 to 20 kilograms," according to the estimated weight of a minimum of 15 kilograms, shipped cash inside the cassette weighing about 12 kg, which is equivalent to the weight of 1.2 million yuan (every ten thousand yuan according to 100 grams estimate).
Lawyers say & gt;
Picked up large sums of money for themselves
Suspected of embezzlement
Chongqing Foreign Lawyer Li Jiaming believe that the incident that day, if that were adopted Xu right man riding a motorcycle "Open the cash drawer to see if we split the money," the proposal,babyliss pro perfect curl,, which would open the cash drawer cash points, this And it was a criminal offense,babyliss curl pas cher, the alleged charges of "embezzlement."
Jiaming said that if embezzle money inside the huge amount of cash, then there may be sentenced to 10 years in prison. If this box nonbank thing is a person in the community lost items, even if there are large amounts of cash inside, and the right to choose not to hand over Xu secretly left but then also constitute illegal, even criminal, arrested on charges is also " Embezzlement. "
News face to face & gt,;
Chongqing virtues can not be lost in Shenzhen
Xu All right, a 6 in Shenzhen, rental place with Bank of China branch of Ping Tianhong across only one street. In addition to a dozen home-inch old TV, never a decent furniture.
Standing about 1.65 meters of Xu right, looks very thin, but a simple dress appeared to be very spiritual. For what happened that day, he recalls.
Reporter: Do you find that the cash box, the first reaction is what?
Xu right: it is to be protected, this thing is the country's (property), who can not touch (move), it must be turned over.
Reporter: see you picked up such a large cash box, it was suggested cents you want with you?
Xu right: There is a man riding a motorcycle picked up the cash drawer to see me, he said he was with a screwdriver, you can pry look inside how much money, you can split the two, I was refused.
Reporter: The cash box weigh?
Xu right: not light ah, an estimated 30 to 40 pounds, can certainly definitely not an empty box. I mention the cash drawer, I felt shaking inside, certainly a lot of money in the box.
Reporter: How long have you come to Shenzhen?
Xu Right: In 2002, I was from the town of Zhong Guilin Golden Rooster village to work in Shenzhen. Now a six four generations of people in Shenzhen, my mother Jiangsheng Yu has 84 years old. It can be said that Shenzhen is our second home now.
Reporter: You were monthly salary?
Xu right: 1500 yuan.
Reporter: A six people rely on this money to live it?
Xu right: there son and daughter to work,, although not much income, but barely able to survive living together.
Reporter: After this thing,, Yakuan company has no thank you?
Xu right: it is not worth mentioning, but not what fame and wealth FIG. Later the third day, Yakuan company to a few leaders say thank my fellow, and do so much good thing, before leaving to 800 yuan, the red envelope, that is tea fee, also confessed these things (referring to pick up cash box), go out can not say. They just do not give a red envelope,babyliss curl secret, I handed the cash box should be. Although her income is not high, but the virtues of Chongqing people lost money can not make me throw in Shenzhen ah!
Reporter: Have you ever lost money before the behavior?
Xu right: there is ah. I have done a lot of work in Shenzhen, the year before (2009) in a company when the security, picked up a driver's wallet, which has cash and documents,scarpe mbt, and finally I phoned the driver to take, returned to the owner in full.
Chongqing Morning News reporters Chang Yushen and Zhen Jingbao defense correspondent Zhang Xiao Yu
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