there is no basis for China Auto Rental defense

(Reporter Wang Lina) Xu in Shanghai on business, but it is to rent a car Beijing license. Because two days limit line eight hours, Mr. Xu will Beijing Shenzhou Car Rental Co.,, Ltd. (China Auto Rental lower) court. Yesterday, reporter learned from the Chaoyang Court,, China Auto Rental sentenced to refund this eight hours of rent 246.75 yuan.
Last Dec. 11,babyliss pro perfect curl, Mr. Xu went to Shanghai on a business trip,, he passed the official website of China Auto Rental booked a Hyundai Sonata car, car rental for Shanghai. Next evening, Mr. Xu arrived in Shanghai Pudong Airport. When he was to pick up the car and found a Beijing Shenzhou car rental provides vehicle license. Shanghai due to morning and evening peak hours on weekdays to foreign vehicle license limit line, led to his car inconvenience.
Mr. Xu believes that car rental website did not prompt this, China Auto Rental misleading,babyliss curl pas cher,, consumer fraud, should refund it can not be used in part-time. Trial, argued that China Auto Rental, Shanghai's "limit line" measures is irresistible administrative action, not attributable to their companies. After the court hearing that China Auto Rental breach shall be refunded a total of 246.75 yuan rent eight hours.
■ judge release case
The two sides have not agreed to follow a good trading habits
The judge hearing the case of Zhou Weiqi explained that in Shanghai the car, the car in Shanghai, according to a conventional ideal is to rent a car license Shanghai, which is the trading habits.
Mr. Xu's case by the China Auto Rental Booking Site vehicle and automatically generate orders of behavior, it should be a commitment made to him Shenzhou car rental,, car hire contract is established when Mr. Xu arrival.
Network Order No information on the plate and lease vehicles were territorial agreement,,karen millen sale, the agreement should be regarded as unknown, the parties may supplement the agreement. Car number plate in view of the two sides failed to reach a supplementary agreement on the territorial court can only be determined by the trading habits.
According to the order shown in the official website of China Auto Rental, Mr. Xu's pick up the car and the car stores are Pudong airport shop, "Car list" is also clearly documented the city pick up the car and the car cities are Shanghai, Xu combined readme,,babyliss curl pas cher,, in the absence of Instead the case of evidence shall be determined in accordance with generally trading habits Xu rental vehicles for normal use in Shanghai.
Shanghai limit line policy is bound to affect the Xu used for rental vehicles. As a professional China Auto Rental car rental operators, should be aware of the impact when the vehicle is not provided Shanghai Xu bound to have local vehicle produced. Therefore, there is no basis for China Auto Rental defense,karen millen dress, the court shall not be accepted, its behavior should be regarded as breach of contract.
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