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The college dormitory curtains into one small space (picture),mbt outlet
"Conditions in the newborn can not actually have to pull the curtains?!" Recently,, some of the Beijing Normal University, 09 freshmen found that the school prohibits freshmen in dorms pull the curtains, and such a provision as competitions, "stars One standard hostel "in. In response, Beijing Normal University, said many students did not understand,karen millen outlet, the main reasons for the objection is to pull the curtains in favor of "the protection of personal privacy" and "burn the midnight oil does not affect the roommate." North Division staff college dormitory management center explained that this provision is mainly for reasons of safety of student accommodation.
Freshmen puzzled "Do not pull the curtains."
Buy some nice fabric, made of curtains, hanging in a dormitory bed,, "hide" inside to read, write ...... many students have had this experience. However, this practice was prohibited Beijing Normal University. Freshmen Beijing Normal University, said the school allowed the provisions in the dormitory pull the curtains, but if they break this rule, "star hostel," the rating will be penalized.
"Why so provisions ah?" "Actually there is such a provision, so strange!" For this provision, many freshmen in the offing, and have issued dissenting voices, including "protection of privacy" and "do not disturb roommates" occupy the mainstream. "Pull the curtains is a personal privacy, ah, so many people live in a dormitory, all activities of a person in bed, do not pull on the curtain even a little privacy are not ah!" One student said this. There are students think, to pull the curtains open at night for lighting reading habits of people, especially necessary, because "do not pull the curtains, the lights will affect the already sleeping students." But there are also students think, to pull the curtains just a personal habit,mbt outlet, do not pull it does not matter, especially little boys would pull the curtains, the school this provision will not have a significant impact on the residential life. A graduate student is that the graduate student dormitory is not as undergraduate dormitory bunk beds, so do not pull the little curtains pull affected.
Older students say this is not strict implementation of the provisions
"This provision we had when enrollment" According to some of the "old boy" Beijing Normal University, the "not allowed to pull the curtains," the new rules are not schools. "The school has a school of consideration, we have our response." Beijing Normal University Freshmen ban some opposition pull curtains provisions expressed its readiness to "guerrilla" approach to "disregard" the provisions of "dorm teacher check the bed curtain off, then go one way or another. "
But the school's "old boy" who has said, do not have such ingenuity. "In fact, the school is not for this provision is mandatory, dorm teacher checks are not too demanding." More than "older students" have said that often dorm teacher examination, we saw the curtains pulled dorm, It allows students to open, but it will not get to the bottom, "Anyway, we still have not run into due to pull the curtains and not on the assessment 'star hostel' situation. The school management is very humane."
School: for students to safety
For the school to pull curtains in mind the provisions of the ban, some students BNU guess: "Maybe colorful curtains will affect cleanliness remove curtains dormitory, dormitory space will appear larger, but also between the roommates. Some closer. "Students also believe belong flammable curtains, pull the curtains should be forbidden to fire.
In response, the North Division staff university student dorm Center, said there is indeed such a provision, mainly for clean and aesthetic considerations for student accommodation security dormitory still followed. "Pull the curtains, while also driving lamps, which are some of the security risks." One staff member said, "Students drew curtains on the inside reading, lit the lamp for a long time, the temperature will be high, and next to the curtain , very safe. In addition,, there will be some other dorm appliances, such as computers, Rab curtain are easy to cause insecurity. "According to the Beijing Morning Post
User Reviews
Netizen "saw Grandpa," wisdom fire yo, that clothes, mosquito nets full of flammable, is not all allowed, and streaking forget?
Netizen "how much" pull a point of light curtains can block number. 7 computers open a hostel, brighter than light, 6 night owl, how do you sleep?
Netizen "oblige" the school which is too wide tube, Gu image, unavoidably nanny, all universities, and people at random point can not I?
Favor of the party
User "Jiangmen" of 30 square meters,, eight bunks, then pull the curtains,, the more pressing the. Besides, most of the loading berth curtains,, mostly heterosexual and set up for the shelter, light roommate heard and not seen, man, imagination very, very temptation, prone to vicious sexual assault cases.
User "tananyi" is actually contradictory Fire and Xiehuo contention. Now dormitories have become some people's "sex nest" the.
Netizen "Li Ren" collective life of course, to the expense of individual freedom, no privacy in this dormitory.
I have something to say
University Management
It should be more of a warmth
Wang Shihua Chongqing Technology and Business University Teachers
Beijing Normal University, citing security concerns prohibit students pull "curtains" in the dormitory really untenable. To avoid dormitory due to fire lead to a major accident, the most fundamental need to solve three problems: First, to improve fire conditions, such as reserve sufficient fire exits in the design of buildings,babyliss curl secret, the installation of fire sprinklers, etc. in every student dormitory. Second is to strengthen the safety education college students, so that they learn to escape. November 2008 Shanghai Business School,babyliss curl pas cher, a student dormitory fire resulting in four girls fell to his death illustrates the knowledge in this area is the lack of college students. Finally standardized management, strengthen management. Some of our colleges and universities in the first two aspects of doing a good job, they rack their brains to work in a third aspect, the result of their own lack of management challenges brought onto students. It's no wonder the North Division of the General Assembly to come up with some of the weird.
University is to promote academic freedom, democratic participation, local personality development, not the army and prisons,, if even the "curtains" are not allowed to hang all set up, then as friends said, mosquito nets, do not wear clothes, plastic utensils and other flammable This was all cleared out. Why not for the students to provide a safe sleeping place and teach them safety knowledge? This may be compared to those sections of roads ridiculous, much more useful,, but also better reflect the spirit of the university. (Source: Chongqing Evening News)