he in Yuexiu District

Xinhua Guangzhou on October 31 Nisshin media news (reporter Xiao Sisi) per year towards the end of all vehicles examined peak. Recently, the Guangzhou public Wang of vehicles examined a variety of experiences in two months' Boduantui ", the card is in on a ticket from Shenzhen, and this ticket has become the last straw that breaks the camel .
"Guangzhou traffic police brigade, said in Shenzhen, Guangzhou owners illegal, need to pay personally go to Shenzhen ticket ...... This is the information society, the relevant departments of the window style of how people still remain in torment, Boduantui primitive society?" Last resort ,http://www.kuronowish.com/~yukari/cgi-bin/kontakuto/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message/, had also confident for the car you want to own handle examined her and decided to surrender, all to the charge d'affaires.
In order to apply for this year's annual car, Wang has experienced difficulties. Ran a total of 5 times, and it took two months, without success, for each of the reasons are "ridiculous": first, Wang a long row of the team, to the front was told that the vehicle luggage rack and pedal board in order to tear down "over the line",http://www.jdtdd.com/news/html/?77519.html, otherwise belong to the appearance of failure; second,scarpe mbt, split rear luggage rack pedals, that everything is in place, come to the front lines was told her car belongs to the "full-time four-wheel", the detection point does not have the test conditions. The four-wheel drive which can detect the detection point, without any previous reminder. Third, Wang would like to try the online reservation and was told there is no deal with traffic violations, you can not make an appointment. And you want to check illegal information, you must have "Online Vehicle Administration," the registration number, and registered, ID card holders must personally apply to specify the traffic police brigade; fourth, the traffic police brigade found illegal, but because it is illegal places can not be processed; fifth,babyliss pro perfect curl, commissioned a friend took her driver's license trip to Shenzhen and was told "Who's driver's license, who must personally come 'points'', and finally with the help of a friend's driver's license" button minute "pay the ticket, was finally dealt with violations. Re-appointment ......
Vehicles examined annually to time, charge d'affaires business owners on the phone message as if "as about" and to. "Annual agency" seems to have a mature industry, the agency charges ranging from 300 yuan -600 yuan. The reporter called the agency phone Guangzhou Shuiyin inspection station, the clerk Miss Jiang told reporters, "pay 300 dollars outside USA, everything was settled." Inspection station in Panyu District, a nearby garage, also launched a vehicle annual agency business, the clerk told reporters, "We are all acquaintances Vehicle Administration,scarpe mbt, there is no problem if the exhaust, charging 600 yuan, if excessive exhaust, you may want to add money to get."
Insiders questioned exhaust relating to environmental protection, these agents actually be able to get more money, just because "Vehicle Administration internal acquaintance"?
Reporters learned that "walking program difficult, charge d'affaires easy" prevalent in window units. Handle the household business is another "disastrous."
October this year, the citizens of Guangzhou Yang moved to a residence in the city cross, suffered a "variety of materials, a variety of procedures, various stamp, various clerical staff absence, various copies of specifications, a variety of repetition" , the imminent collapse of the Yang said: "all kinds of copy, after all kinds of original padded, taxi also add five dollars to the driver, so he drove to the police station household registration work before noon Branch,http://www.sharemaza.com/index.php/blogs/33557/1048185/now-has-been-greatly-appreciated, 11:40 finally arrived, the result was a tragedy, the police station 11:30 off work. I have to dry the like three hours. "
36-year-old Mr. Liu also suffered handle the household business. "Boduantui." Collective households to move out from the unit accounts to buy their own house,http://lingtonggongyi.com/bbs/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2561307&extra=, he in Yuexiu District, Tianhe District and ran back and forth for nearly 10 times, which lasted a month, each confidently go back sadly, found that "every at least one program. "
"Time-consuming, all month in office migrate accounts, the work failed to properly attend to later completely abandoned, and the Public Security Bureau found the so-called familiar 'have the money' of friends to help the agency did not expect very smooth the next day to get a new account of this. "Mr. Liu said,scarpe mbt, still owe the acquaintance a" big favor. "
"Acquaintances" "trust relationship" "money agents",http://www.novalug.ca/cgi-bin/index.cgi,karen millen sale, people could have been handled in the normal life of the business, and finally had to wandering, like some "crooked" ideas, in order to successfully accomplishing.
Liu believes that "it is window units do not follow the mass line, only to breed living space 'agents' business. Why can not lay down relevant bureaucrats style,http://www.pixian.sc.cn/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, put ourselves for the sake of the people? Did not want to go please 'gray agents', can own toss down really annoying; but to find a 'gray agency', they feel gas, however, is obviously why the people to go according to normal procedures, work so hard I'm afraid that just window units do not follow the mass line attitude problem, I am afraid that inside? also the breeding ground for corruption,http://www.casebook.jp, deliberately set up to masses 'card'! "
Some experts believe that in accordance with the normal procedures of running, often a long process,http://www.oa979.com/news/html/?2156198.html, part of the complex, cumbersome procedure, door hard, ugly face, something difficult, but always unexpected things happen; when faced with "relationship" and search powers When rent, originally extremely complex process suddenly becomes extremely smooth. Forcing people to walk slowly from the normal process to be forced "to find the relationship," corruption. Window units that try to "look in the mirror," "precisely dressed."
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