funeral expenses and a total of 17 million yuan.

Curse (Information)
Beijing Times (Reporter Pei Xiaolan) Handyman Liu Wang's dormitory at night to take the chef wiring board, Wang too noisy so he "roll", Liu went out and bought a kitchen knife to Wang hacked. Reporters learned yesterday, Liu has been the Beijing Second Intermediate Court of First Instance of intentional murder and sentenced to death with reprieve.
Liu, now 27 years old, Chongqing, before the incident in the Fengtai District, a hotel handyman. 24-year-old Wang is a chef there. Both lived in the basement of the dormitory, but not in the same room.
The evening of 1 April 2013, 11 am, Wang and colleagues are dormitory sleeping, Liu went to pull back cabinet wiring board. His sound emitted when the cabinet will move everyone awakened to Liu Wang said: "noisy, do not get to our hostel." Liu did not listen,, said, "I'm going to get." Wang then say "roll."
The presence of colleagues,, Liu gas Donghonghong go out,karen millen dress, walking and said: "? You do not let me roll it."
About zero, Liu holding a kitchen knife into the dormitory,babyliss pro perfect curl, originally lying Wang sat up,karen millen sale, Liu Wei, Wang chopping the head,, mouth and said: "? You do not let me roll it to" see Wang, head bleeding,, Liu Wei knife out and his colleagues quickly to Wang to the hospital.
Wang to the hospital after the situation is very serious, its skull fracture, brain contusion,, intracerebral hematoma, open head injury, has been unconscious. No improvement after two months of hospitalization,,babyliss pro perfect curl, the family had no money, then on June 1, 2013 to hire an ambulance back to Wang Hebei rural home recuperating, infusion daily, given medicines. June 16 the same year, Wang died at home.
Liu Wei in the day of the incident to the Police immediately surrendered. He said Wang scolded him roll made him very angry, go to a nearby supermarket to spend 26 yuan to buy the 25 cm long stainless steel kitchen knife, cut the return dormitory Wang. He said he drank four or five bottles of beer that evening, "I know that the knives to injure the head can result in death,karen millen dress, at that time wanted to punish him."
The court found that Liu Wei knife that is only because of a trivial intentional unlawful deprivation of life, causing death, his behavior constituted intentional homicide. Given that they have voluntarily surrendered themselves, his death sentence can not be executed immediately. Court sentenced Liu reprieve, deprivation of political rights for life,, Wang compensation for the families of medical expenses,, funeral expenses and a total of 17 million yuan.
(Original title: curse colleague a "roll" chef lost a life)
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