not very talkative . Yi Yan said

Jiangxi Yichun City Yuanzhou street Dongfeng Road, Tan Hongqing while accompanied entertainer begging father Tanmei Sheng, while doing their homework (January 15 photo). Tan Shi Funv three lunch (January 16 photo) within 2 meters of the kitchen. Xinhua News Agency reporters Cheng Dishe and Tan Hongqing school (January 16 photo) at the school. Xinhua News Agency reporters Cheng Dishe and Tan Meisheng and two daughters rented brick house, monthly rent 70 yuan, has been included in the scope of the demolition (January 16 photo).
Xinhua Nanchang, January 22 (Reporter Cheng Di) a little girl holding a blind father go step by step entertainer point, open entertainer Qin it will wipe a few erhu handed father. When my father pulled the erhu performers, she sat on the ground,, on the dim lights from job to write ...... Recently, a group of friends readily picture in the Internet became popular, photographs of the girl and her father Tanmei Sheng day in Jiangxi Yichun City Yuanzhou east on the road to make a living entertainer. to accompany my father in the street doing their homework figure impressed many users, users praised it as "inspirational girl," and called on the local government and the community to help the girl out of the woods.
This year 12-year-old Tan Hongqing is reading the first day,babyliss curl secret, about one meter tall coupled with 4 thin physique is even more delicate. From the age of four, as long as there is no rain and snow, she would go after school, my father holding entertainer, it has become a part of her life.
Tan Hongqing family has three people, his mother died 10 years ago,, his father Tanmei Sheng childhood blindness due to illness,babyliss curl pas cher, the family as well as a 14-year-old sister Tan Hongyan, but was 5 years old in a car accident left foot disability. As are the rural household, we rely mainly on three 120 yuan per person per month subsistence living, entertainer still living in distress.
Dongfeng Road, Yichun City Yuanzhou train station next to the father and daughter's place is fixed entertainer, often find a secluded spot on the side of the road pavement, leaning on my father brought with benches to sit down, to help him out erhu and flute and money locket,, then sat next to the day job shop in the legs, on the dim the lights began to seriously homework.
"At night I want to stay with my father was assured, had to rush back to save jobs, I wrote in the street." he told reporters, "very dark street,, watching for his eyes very sour very hard to accept." write while operation, will head buried in the lap rest for a while, then looked up and then write.
Tanmei Sheng said, usually when a night to earn up to 20 yuan of money, less time, only three or four dollars, all the money is used to buy rice, oil, and to children to buy school supplies, basically get the money the next day Flower finished. "Sometimes I did not want to ask someone to borrow money, because the money to eat, and so re still going to."
Tanmei Sheng daughter three people live in the train station next to a monthly 70 yuan brick room, and the upcoming demolition. Into this less than 15 square meters of the house, striking are bare bricks, biting wind blowing Wushang never had time to rush to the hole in the wall of plastic bags. To resist the winter cold, three squeeze in about 2 square meters kitchen waste wood burned for heating, Tanmei Sheng said that the landlord send some scrap wood, some are in the surrounding demolished house picking up.
Tanmei Sheng hair was shoulder length and he has not shaved more than a year, "I could not bear to spend five bucks, shaving 10 times is 50 dollars, you can buy a lot of children Dayton early ah." Tanmei Sheng every morning three or four dollars buy breakfast for two sisters, himself cold water for 10 consecutive years as "breakfast."
and from September 2012 started in Yichun IV (5) enrolled in teacher Yi Yan eyes, red cheerful clear temper, especially love to laugh, Hongyan is very introverted, not very talkative . Yi Yan said, the two sisters are able to endure hardship, all homework on time every day, grades are good.
"The school has done many times poor students survey, clear red, Hongyan did not tell us, because the child self-esteem may be relatively strong, it is an English teacher and later saw red late last year cleared the streets we know." In order not to give the child They stress, school teacher and later in private organizations for their contributions to more than 1400 yuan, into the hands of .
Not long ago, Internet users "55 is not bad" will accidentally shot in the street doing their homework photos linked to the Internet, immediately aroused widespread concern, were full of praise "inspirational" users after watching "moving." Some netizens asked: "pro, you were a kid you had so strenuously?" There are friends sigh:. "Reading bring a person to change, you can not measure, whether spiritual or material."
Some friends come to visit two daughter entertainer point, someone deliberately come with red clear talk, more people put down money hurried away.
"It's two days to come a lot more money than before, there are more than 200 dollars a night, really a lot of good-hearted people." said, "other children do not have to eat this bitter, but for real action inconvenient,mbt outlet, I will not let children accompany me out. "
Yichun City Yuanzhou Civil Affairs Bureau deputy director, said that after Tan Shi Funv thing local governments attach great importance,scarpe mbt,, because his daughter is just three rural to urban areas, they are not informed of the case the first time. According to his daughter three special difficulties, the District Civil Affairs Bureau decided that from February 2013 the minimum standard daughter trio from 120 yuan / person adjust to the highest 170 yuan / person, and the temporary increase in the future for their relief efforts. Meanwhile, efforts to solve their problems of no fixed abode, fight so that they can live in public housing as soon as possible.
Faced now entertainer, homework often often crowd situation, lively red clearance can not help a bit embarrassed, "I know many people,, fear of people who know see." Hung Ching said,karen millen sale,, but will not be asked,, will thus embarrassed with my father to go begging, "No!" Red Qing replied without hesitation.
For good help, red clear very grateful, also has its own wish: "I will study harder, earn more money later, the father a better life, do not be so hard."
(Original title: "inspirational girl" drawing attention: blind parent families led by bitter entertainer excited to learn reading lights)
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