hybrid pig feed more than 0.3 cm.

43 yuan per kilogram of soil pork
43 yuan per kilogram of pork, expensive?
But "earth port city of pork" on the sell price.
Right now, the chicken has been selling everywhere, pig'd rarely heard. Therefore, only the experts say "earth pig no standards", "quality is difficult to say," "difficult to buy real soil pork" ......
However, in the opinion of suppliers, even lose money, but also to stay here.
The year is approaching, opening up the price of meat, meat eyebrows has exceeded 13 yuan / 500 grams. However, this is not the most expensive. Yesterday, reporters saw a supermarket in the city, there is a pig ribs up to 43 yuan / kg, become Chongqing is currently the most expensive pork.
At noon yesterday, in Nanping heavy 100 supermarket meat sales area, a female salesperson initiative to promote "earth port city of pork," he told reporters. Reporters stepped forward and saw immediately taken aback by its price: These are divided good "quality pork" the average price of 18 yuan / 500 grams. Among them,scarpe mbt, the most expensive of the ribs 21.5 yuan / 500 grams, eyebrows lean 21 yuan / 500 grams,http://www.88822.com/#03666/read.php?tid=980, the cheapest "twice-cooked pork" (stores so labeled, should take the rump of two knives) 17.8 yuan / 500 grams.
Quotes contrast with the market yesterday,http://pogalgraph.px2.jp/cgi-bin/diary/diary.cgi, the reporter found out that the price of pork is not only more than double the ordinary pork, cold meat than the Canadian Maple Leaf is also higher than a big slice,http://webken.seesaa.net, is compared with beef, mutton not compete. And with the city's supermarket sales of other fine pork compared to 500 grams per unit price should be higher than about 10 yuan.
Why is this port city soil pork expensive? Site salesperson said: the city population doubled pig fattening than ordinary pig long time, and eat vegetables Baogu skin, do not feed forage, the purchase price in the local surrounding the main city on the higher than ordinary pigs 2 yuan / 500 grams. From the city port to the main city, an pigs light freight going fifty or sixty dollars. Even more critical is to enter the supermarket sales of fine parts are pigs, 100 kg carcass meat has 25-30 kg of fat corners need low-cost treatment, only by good meat to pull profits.
20 yuan 500 grams of high-priced pork there is no one to buy? Salesperson said one day to sell four or five boxes, each box are 500 grams and down, mostly repeat customers. The reporter on the scene saw the scene but some light: see more, buy less. Afterwards to launch this pork Chengkou SHIBAZI food company to inquire, the answer is, the city population of soil pork in the main city has entered the store 10 to a hundred weight supermarket sales about 34 head per day. Due to high operating costs, up to now temporary or lose money. However, the company seems well prepared for this, it will continue to expand sales, so the soil pork bacon, like the city population as a household name in the main city.
What's good chicken pig
Related livestock specialist introduction,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/idealtime/dbldcr.html, the biggest difference pig, chicken and pig feed, chicken feed mainly on intramuscular fat, amino acid content and the Department of Water rate and other indicators. Under normal circumstances, these three indicators pig, chicken feed compared with pigs, high feed chickens, which allows pig, chicken tastes more fragrant.
The reason why the formation of the difference is mainly due to the indigenous feeding time is longer, and exercise-related livestock rearing period is greater than the latter, which precipitated as intramuscular fat, increase amino acid content to create the conditions. In pigs, for example, traditional pig fattening time needed five or six months, and feed pigs, is only three months.
In eyes, best quality pork pig breeds,babyliss curl secret, indigenous culture of pork, followed by pig breed, pork aquaculture feed, and finally by the hybridization of lean hog breeding, feed farmed pork.
Press Pengxiang Wei argument, choose chicken or chicken feed, the key to how to eat. If fried, fried, grilled, optional feed broiler; if stew, will have to choose chicken.
Pig chicken was hard to find
The level of quality can not tell
In the chicken fast occasion, pig also disclosed his label. However, the reporter yesterday from the Municipal Livestock Research Institute Meat Association and the city learned that the current parties no pig, chicken industry standards,karen millen outlet,http://www.philippine-scouts.org, national standards going. Compared to feed pigs, chicken feed, quality to compete hard to say right now.
City Meat Association, currently produce really is better to sell the land, so food pig, pig, chicken and so were the first appears. These pig, chicken backyard farmers at home, keeping the process if other feed doped difficult to identify Shaoshui, with its quality still feels insecure.
City Livestock Research Institute deputy director of breeding pigs believes that if the pig is really, it should taste better than feed pigs, but the nutritional value almost. However, Guozong Yi said that the current market in Chongqing real pig,http://eye.catfood.jp/kousin5/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=40//”/,scarpe mbt, chicken little. He said the so-called pig should be a local breeds,http://vegalta7.s156.xrea.com/aska/aska.cgi/news/nationworld/world/modules/mod_mp3_files, but mostly in Chongqing pig hybrid pigs, pigs blooded soil in Rongchang,http://www.sqlcourse.com/cgi-bin/interpreter.cgi, Aikawa other counties have a small amount of free-range, to buy real soil on the market Pork hard. In addition, to ensure the quality of pig, have indigenous farming, away from fattening feed, which is letting the soil pork becomes more scarce.
City Livestock Research Institute deputy director poultry also believe that, regardless of broiler chicken or the introduction of feed, its nutritional value is not divided up and down,babyliss curl secret, have their own advantages in the relevant indicators, but on the palate to incense some chicken.
4 strokes distinguish "earth pig"
How to identify genuine and fake soil pork? Guozong Yi summed up their experience with four trick.
A look at the skin thickness. Soil pork skin in between 0.4 to 0.5 cm, hybrid pig feed more than 0.3 cm.
Second, look at the depth of flesh. Earth pig meat color red, the color of hybrid lean pigs feed even lighter white.
Third, look at the thickness of subcutaneous fat. Soil pigskin under Feibiao generally between 4-5 cm, and hybridization feed pigs generally only 1-2 centimeters.
Four to see pore size. Pig pores, the pores small hybrid pig feed, even not very clear.
This edition written by the reporter Bin
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