Dec. 6 Yancheng electricity

Building 6, obvious cracks. Photo Building 6 obvious cracks. photo
BEIJING, Dec. 6 Yancheng electricity (derived from the text ) 6 am,, occurred within a main road Lido Grace Community Yancheng in Jiangsu collapse accident at the near collapse of a building 30 residents dare to tread enter the house. At present, relevant departments have been involved in the matter,, collapse is under investigation.
Reporters saw at Lido Grace district, the main road in the west of the district's Building 6, a surface area of nearly 100,000 square meters has been completely collapse, deep gap with the road at nearly 1.5 meters. The scene in addition to this main road collapse occurred, the cell periphery of the green belt is also a serious collapse. Construction side pulled the yellow cordon at the scene to prevent residents near.
The owners live in Building 6, say, about nine in the morning, they suddenly heard the "boom" is heard,babyliss curl pas cher, you see the road collapse occurred. Because it is work time,, many owners are not at home, but fortunately the accident caused no casualties. Owners say that happens, is likely to be close to the building site,karen millen dress, Building 6, due to the construction of air defense projects.
Owner Ms Chu said that since August 1,,scarpe mbt,, open cell building built near the site of the wall and floor, Building 6,, cracks began to appear on the phenomenon, the owners have had numerous experiences of finding developers to negotiate, but the developers say it does not matter . Yesterday, the owners have found a large piece of ground collapse of some cracks appear,karen millen sale,, they again made to reflect the developers, but the developers give their reply was "okay."
Ms Chu Building 6 with a reporter went inside, I saw a very obvious cracks on the walls of the garage. While on the north side of the garage floor, Building 6, there have been a number of cracks, gaps can be directly inserted into a broom. Currently, the entire Building 6 has water, electricity.
It is understood that the Lido Grace Community by land, Ltd Yancheng Polaroid developed in 2006, to 2008, the district's multi-layer have been delivered, but Building 1 and Building 2 small rise due planning issues , has not yet started construction, until August this year began construction. Construction site a responsible person surnamed Lu said that as the underground water leaks cause landslides, others he did not want to say more.
18:00, reporters call the owner Ms. Zhu,karen millen outlet, she told reporters that the current developers have not any remedial measures, fearing danger from happening again, the owners of a building at 6 pm no one dared step into the house, developers are now giving them Every household issued a card room, arrange the owners stay in hotels at night.
At present,, relevant departments have been involved, the specific reasons for collapse accident is under investigation. (Finish)
(Original title: Yancheng a district residents afraid to go home developers arrange collapse sleep Hotel)