only one person has been rescued."

Yesterday morning, Miss James into respiratory disease ward,, who had regained consciousness, but not yet out of danger.
October 26 at noon, Jiangmen City, Rui Yi Electric Co., Ltd. 28-year-old women ingesting pesticide painted lady "dichlorvos" suicide, but fortunately was discovered in time, after the hospital rescue, has "turned clear consciousness," but not yet out of danger. Why she committed suicide? Yesterday, the Southern reporter went to factories, hospitals fieldwork, Miss James claimed that the incident that morning, she stretched leave the production line, has not been approved, also criticized "fat woman", was asked to "fill resignation alone get out." Factory painted lady did not say a positive response, the police confirmed that the two sides really had a disagreement.

Police confirmed

One worker suicides have been rescued

The day before yesterday night, have lived in Heshan City, Long yayao side of the village south of the town masses are Baoliao said, and the village adjacent Pengjiang Tangxia Town, Renhe warburg in Jiangmen City, Rui Yi Electric Co., Ltd. "There are 2 female workers kill themselves by drinking, one person was killed and another man entered the ICU rescue. "

Yesterday morning, the South is a reporter came to Jiangmen City, Rui Yi Electric Co., suicidal writer who places the company within the meaning of the distance is less than 200 meters, covered with one high weeds, work hours, few pedestrians.

Are there two women commit suicide? Why suicide? Southern reporter then went to Jiangmen City, Rui Yi Electric Co., guard room, after the show correspondent card, presented an interview with the company responsible person.

"I only know that a brand of our company, our employees, the Long side of the village renters." Said a security guard was found after the employee Yao suicide, the factory sent to take her to the hospital. He played a few phone calls later said, "Our boss back to Hong Kong, you find us Von competent executives." When the other members of the security put in charge of the mobile phone number Von told reporters the South after the guard left the guard room make a telephone call, then walked in, "leaders are on a business trip", "Just tell your supervisor's phone number is Feng fake, do not fight. "

Yesterday afternoon, the Pengjiang Public Security Bureau official said, "No two people committed suicide, only one person has been rescued."

Treatment progress

Hospital hair dying (heavy) Notice

Yesterday morning, the Southern reporter contacted her husband painted Miss Chow, that she & nbsp in Jiangmen City People's Hospital IC; U treatment. Near noon, Miss James was transferred to respiratory disease ward. Hospital issued a critical condition (weight) notice, diagnosed as "acute severe organophosphorus pesticide poisoning" and "double pneumonia."

"Doctors know that my wife bought a bottle 'dichlorvos' and a bottle of 'Paraquat', only had 50 milliliters 'dichlorvos',karen millen outlet, did not drink 'Paraquat', the doctor said, but fortunately did not drink paraquat, or else be dead . "Mr. Zhou said.

As of yesterday morning,, painted lady medical costs have been as high as 1 & nbsp; .19 million. "My family is very difficult to find friends and relatives tolls is borrowed, I myself sick,,babyliss curl pas cher, limb disabilities, and hemophilia. Brushing your teeth if not careful, will be bleeding, treatment time to lose four coagulation factors, similar to 10000, but fortunately in the home can be reimbursed. "heard the doctor say medical bills, walking a lame Chow Shui sleeves rolled up, his pants to see the doctor.

Chow said the family has two sons, the eldest son read in sixth grade, the younger son in third grade, the results are very good, is the family's hope. They have a disability can not work outside the home to earn money mainly by his wife,, now his wife out of this event, there will be a lot of follow-up treatment costs, he did not know how to do.


Why she committed suicide?

Miss James Tongren City, Guizhou Province, rural people, 28 years old, working for many years to Jiangmen. Why she wanted to drink some pesticide to commit suicide?

At noon yesterday, the Southern reporter in Jiangmen City People's Hospital Respiratory ward to see Miss James, although nose stuck into the tube,, but she has been sober people, but also to speak off. She south are reporters about what happened.

Miss James said she around October 17 this year before entering the Jiangmen City, Rui Yi Electric Co., doing general work on the production line, mainly for lighting installed screws and the like. Miss James said her day shift, from 8:00 am to 11:40 pm from 14:00 to 17:30.

October 26 morning, due to feeling tired, leave her to stretch. "I said she wanted to rest, stretch allowed,babyliss curl pas cher, said, 'You just do not take long to leave? People who do not leave half of the' stretched me to hurry to work, I feel tired, did not force the hand , accidentally put a product out on the table, stretched see, scolded me 'fat woman, you do it? quit to get out!' I listened very angry, and said, 'My husband did not call I fat woman, how can you not call? 'stretch to see me against him, he said,' You get a single to resign, quickly roll! '"Miss James said, throughout the morning, she grew more and more gas, I thought is better to die,, after work, she bought two bottles of pesticide, went outside the plant bushes, took a sip, "dichlorvos",, on a coma.

13:06 the same day, his wife received a text message sent away in his home in Guizhou Chow "I was going out (something)." Chow was in a hurry, immediately hit his wife's phone, but nobody listened, bursts of a few messages, did not return. About an hour later, police received a call, to know his wife committed suicide by ingesting pesticide. Chow car immediately to the county to buy tickets,, arrived yesterday morning in Jiangmen.

Chow said the company management personnel to deal with the problem is simple and rough, his wife work very hard, if not the leave has not been approved, has been stretched abuse, is not suicide.

For painted lady saying, Jiangmen City,karen millen dress, Rui Yi Electric Co., Ltd. is responsible for handling the matter in charge Ms Fung said,mbt outlet, "She is not in the factory out of things to do and we did. She said that not all is right, Of course, we are not saying all stretched too. "Ms Fung declined an interview with the Southern Reporter elongated requirements, but also refused to tell Miss James and elongated dispute process, just say" go to the police station. "

Contact Pengjiang Public Security Bureau official confirmed that "suicide is not related to former workers lengthen production line had a disagreement."

Text / Figure: Southern Reporter & nbsp; had fertility Army