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Students read "Love Course" on the computer courseware reporter dragon in the whole camera

Daily Reporter & nbsp; Zhu Ting

Recently, Tianjin University offers "Love Course" message on the Internet crazy pass, so many college students in Chongqing is also very "envy, jealousy and hatred." In fact, the Southwest University of Political Science also "low profile" to set up such a "love elective": Students not only get credit, the teacher will teach you how to talk about "love" and even some confession, approached the small coup, on Even sometimes also writing a love letter assignments. Other schools students do not envy, hurry to sit in it!

Which way to break up this option?

Feng Jing: do not break through consultation, they are abandoned. In order to avoid further emotional harm, it is best to communicate face to face after the break up.

Graduation season should not break up?

Feng Jing: Campus lovers together experienced growth stage, worldview, values more consistent, not easily lead to conflicts. This feeling should be cherished, not with the change of location is changed.

With the "new love" that break it?

Feng Jing: make an emotional judgment, behold a man with your goals, values closer, and who can live happier.


Phone QQ is not good

The best face confession

Tian Ting leaving the unexpected, to complete a first class,scarpe mbt outlet, Hu also Genghen trick - allow students to write a love letter. "Write a love letter is homework, to be credited to the usual results, but I did not love object, how to write the thing?" Hu teacher "does not take unusual way" move, Tian Ting dilemma. Although so far still not completed teacher assignments, but Tian Ting interest in this course is growing.

. "22 This lesson is also very exciting evening, the teacher actually teaches how we tell the truth, strike up a conversation," Tian Ting said, in the classroom, teacher Hu summed up the "accosted Considerations": want to know, you can not beat people shoulder from behind; do not He looked down on the other side of the body; not available for a telephone, QQ, plus micro-channel direct out his cell phone; online chat, not to "the right" opening ......

Similarly, Ms. Hu also summed up the "confession Considerations": Do not like heart-shaped candle in public confession, not all the girls; when the confession, not self-esteem, do not narcissistic; not by telephone,, SMS, QQ, best face confession and so on.

It would be presumptuous like

Love is restraint

7:00 the evening of September 22, 4325 Southwest University of Political Science erudite floor classroom, instructor Hu is to teach more than 200 students. Play slide on the podium, no jargon, but the words "love", "confession", "Love Letter" and other words, but also set out several ways confession. This in the end is what the lesson, so popular with students of all ages?

"This is an elective course called" Love Psychology ",karen millen dress, is dedicated to teaching students to fall in love, two classes per week." Law school sophomore Tian Ting (pseudonym), which she had elective The course is for credit, but during lectures, he was a wonderful teacher Hu teaching content attracted.

"September 8 first class, Hu by Sun Li, Deng Chaodeng star couple's love story, let us understand what love is." Tian Ting said that he lacks experience in love before, Hu listened to the teacher to explain She came to understand to understand some of the "principle of love", but also really understand the "love will be presumptuous, but love is restraint" this sentence.

Your valuable

Your love has value

Law school applications sophomore Zhao Xingyu also enrolled in this course. She smiled and told reporters, "If these early elective courses, may himself have been off the list of." he said that in school enrollment, "Love Course" will be very popular, himself twice before the election to choose this course Now each class has a class of more than 200 people, is quite popular. Some places did not seek to elective students also attend a special trip.

Zhaoxing Yu told reporters that last year, at the instigation of the students dormitory, she summoned the courage to crush by telephone awaited high school students showed the mind. "And then, there is no then, maybe I scared him, and he turned me down." Zhao Xingyu said afterwards that she had once frustrated. Later elective "Love Psychology", by learning a few lessons, she learned, telephone, QQ and other forms of confession, it is not the best form of communication, especially the confession, "should calmly sit down talk". say, the classroom, the teacher Hu phrase "you valued your love have value," so that they regain confidence, she was looking forward to the arrival of love.

The sophomore Wang Qiang (a pseudonym) in the first section of Hu listened to after-school girls chose to tell the truth,scarpe mbt outlet,, while the other "ten dynamic natural repellent (very moved and then denied)", with some regret, but he has no regrets Because brave enough to express their love, already a growth.


Teacher: guide students to deal with emotional issues

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the teachers of Hu. She told reporters, because the sake of school mental health education and counseling center, she often encountered in dealing with some of the emotional confusion of students. "In this process, I found that students' ability to deal with emotional issues is more lacking. I was thinking, can not offer a course, guide them to deal with these issues."

"I went to school commencement of the application made, did not think Dean actually agreed." Hu said, although "love lesson", but the course is not limited to "little love little love," but rather as a prelude to how to deal with love , and then extended to the processing of family, friendship and other emotional relationships. "For example, writing a love letter, I have not qualified to be addressed favorite object, to the parents,, relatives and friends can write." Hu said, as for the final exam,karen millen dress, then still in the form of papers, enable students to analyze some of the emotional issues.

Another classroom teachers Jing Feng told reporters, although each teacher's teaching methods are not the same,, but "Love Psychology" courses are arranged around the psychology syllabus. "In addition to strike up a conversation, confession and other communication problems, the latter also talked about how to protect yourself in love,, how to deal with emotional stress encountered, as well as marriage and so on."

School: This course is very practical significance

Why is that school agreed to open "love lesson" mean? Southwest University of Political Science related staff Teaching and Research Division, said Dean, psychology is a rigorous and practical subjects, can be applied to all aspects of human relationships, is very instructive, but theory too boring, difficult for students to accept. Some teachers proposed the creation of "Love Psychology" course, to dry theory repackaged into love story, and proposed ways and means of dealing with interpersonal relationships, to guide students how to adjust the attitude and rational love. They feel that this course of great significance, not only embodies the humane care of students, but also effective

Improve students' emotional intelligence. The staff also said that the program consists of three classroom teachers, the students are freshman to senior electives,, complete the final exam, will receive a credit. Other schools also can go as observers.


The school opened "love lesson."

And encourage love are two different things

In this regard, research vice president of 21st Century Education XiongBingJi said on speaking students, in addition to the subject of education, other education should also keep up with.

XiongBingJi said, the focus on college students' psychological education, different schools have different ways. Through the establishment of "love lesson" to carry out psychological education,, and actively guide students to face the relations between the sexes, love phenomenon and deal with love problems, is practicing the overall quality of students, can play a positive role. In addition,scarpe mbt, the creation of "love lesson" and encourage students to fall in love are two different things, college students have basic value judgments,, they will deal with the relationship between good academic and love.