children can easily climb.

Open fence is dangerous yeon fell from the 5th floor balcony
(Reporter Cai Xiaojuan trainee reporter Chen Jinnuo / Wen Liu Bin / Chart) 10 minutes for us fleeting, but for some people might rewrite fate. At noon yesterday, Fuzhou Sin Tower Street on the 1st small Palace Lane, 7-year-old girl Xiaoyan (a pseudonym) falling from the fifth floor, but fortunately only mouth hurt, no life-threatening. When the accident occurred, the family will be left alone at home she is just a short 10 minutes. 12:25 Out Grandma, 12:35 Daddy came home, fell yeon has a balcony.
Incident, a shop opposite the very fact that at dinner, she saw the little girl's head poked from the balcony, looking around, looking for someone like. Not a moment, the little girl's half of the body has climbed to the balcony, suddenly,, the people turned a somersault, fell from the balcony.
"Fortunately, there is a buffer at the first floor of the security net,scarpe mbt, she was sideways to the ground." The very fact that still haunt recall that scene, when she wanted to pick his way through,, but it was too late. He ran into the cell and saw the little girl mouth nose constantly braved the blood, the body in convulsions, the very fact that call 120 immediately and notify their families.
"How not to install the fence?" Someone in the crowd noticed yeon 5th floor balcony,mbt outlet, although falling fence installed, but the open, just twenty to thirty centimeters tall, children can easily climb.
Subsequently, the reporter in front of the hospital emergency room Provincial ward to see Xiaoyan (a pseudonym) family. "Only a short 10 minutes, how could this happen?" Her father said, was the daughter of a man at home, the child's grandmother 12:25 to go out, and his 12:35 on the home, did not expect her daughter actually falling from the balcony.
"All my fault! All my fault!" Yeon's grandmother near collapse, burst into tears in front of the ward until relatives repeated this sentence.
Sad to say grandmother, granddaughter very clever,,babyliss curl secret, but also specifically confessed her out the door, and not crawling balcony, granddaughter nodded yes. Considering the son soon came back, she took a few minutes granddaughter left alone at home, I did not expect to see her granddaughter went to the balcony ......
According to doctors,scarpe mbt,, yeon conscious, have done a head CT, brain damage has not been large,, but need stitches mouth cracked and fell, no life-threatening.
Child falls mostly because of the following four cases
Many such children like yeon falls incident, they let passers-by stop sigh, leaving a distressed family, this sad,, for parents, may wipe lifelong difficult.
Why such a tragedy happen again? According to the scene police investigators analyze, reason,,karen millen dress, one, the family did not install the fence; Second, security is not enough awareness of the parents, the children left alone at home; three, parents like to put a wicker chair and a small table on the balcony, kids are prone to climbing climb; four, building design flaws, because the balcony railing height minimum is 110 cm, height of balcony railings and some not standard.
10 children under the age of security issues, perhaps parents are most worried about at this stage, because they just can move freely, so family members to be more careful monitoring.
Remind about the medical profession, for our children's healthy growth, on the one hand, parents do not give children to climb balconies opportunity Pachuang and families with children, it is best to install a closed fence on the balcony, the windows; on the other hand,, Be sure to take care of the boy, even a few minutes, do not take young children left alone at home. Meanwhile, family members can teach them some safety knowledge.