once made

Reporter Yan and 20th of this month in the evening, in the town of Doumen District Jingan Xinmin Road pedestrian street, someone posted "Who wants to adopt her daughter" of A4 paper ads on street poles and tree trunks, on top of not only left two phone numbers ,http://club310.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2147622, as well as the girl's identity card, the audience are all surprised. Because such text ads on the tone is written by parents, the results of the Internet,http://www.alg-a.org/spip.php?article1888, once made, it caused great concern netizens. Yesterday, reporters call ads written to the two mobile phone numbers, the first is a girl his father. Girls father did not want to answer reporters' questions,http://nakusou.zatunen.com/nethannbaihouritu.html, saying only that is not their street advertising stickers. The second number is the girl's brother, he also reluctant to say, only that her sister did not finish junior high school drop out, usually around, basically not at home during the day,karen millen outlet, too busy family.
Yesterday evening, the girl with her brother's phone call reporters initiative. Phone, she said she family poverty, now the whole family against factory workers brother breadwinner. She said, seeking adoption of ad posted her own, but after the consent mother, brother. "I want to find a rich godfather." The girl said,http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/waiwai/prw-5000yt-1jf.html,babyliss curl secret, posted ads not to sell themselves,scarpe mbt outlet, but to find a rich man to recognize the godfather, for her room and board can be used like,http://thehrr.com, do not give the family money. In addition, the recognized godfather is not seeking "nurturing",babyliss pro perfect curl, but simply "adoption." But during the conversation, the reporter felt the girl thinking too divergent, often incoherent.
Yesterday afternoon,http://moriokacomet.com, the reporter went Doumen pedestrian street, already see the girl posted ads, there are people cleaning the streets, said advertising posted only twelve, just because the streets are not allowed to post ads, so they find on a He ripped up.
Lawyers say
17-year-old "seeking adoption" illegal
For girls claiming family acquiesced initiative "seeking to adopt" This thing,karen millen sale, Guangdong Lawyer Archduke Wade said,http://www.52yangyj.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=527727, parents have the duty to raise and educate their children,http://www.unlimited-affiliate.com, and only those who have special difficulties parents unable to rear their children before they can send their children give it away for adoption, but children must be under 14 years of age, while the girl surnamed Zhou already 17 years old, does not meet the adoption criteria. Therefore, even if the individual wants to be the girl up for adoption, but also illegal.