the new new home playing with her brother

Look how small gap.
Shenzhen Evening News correspondent reported yesterday Movies 13:30 Xu, Buji, Longgang District Keng Lo Wai Sheung Shui 142 5th floor of a little girl,babyliss pro perfect curl, because his brother pick out a shoe, into the floor of the House handshake cracks are stuck on the spot. It is understood that,, after receiving the alarm firefighters arrived on the scene,mbt outlet, the little girl with the holes method freed from the wall crevices. Safety problems handshake floor once again been put on the agenda.
Where the gap is only 40 cm wide
Yesterday afternoon, reporters rushed to the scene after receiving the rebellion, the little girl has been rescued. HERE handshake House in Phuket Lo Wai Sheung Shui Drive No. 142, floor two buildings very narrow slit. Reporters saw the jammed floor which housed a handshake to hit a hole in the wall, the little girl just stuck at the narrowest point between storied building, where the gap is only 40 cm wide.
Girl picking up his brother's shoes were card
The reporter then saw the girl once new new card, in addition to a slight abrasions left leg, the other place was not injured, but has not yet recovered from her fears. Ms. Hui introduced its parent, the new new 10-year-old, was suffering from pink eye did not go to school that day.
13:30 Xu, the new new home playing with her brother, his brother's a shoe from 5 upstairs fell down, located just two cracks in the floor to shake hands, went downstairs to pick up the new new shoes, she drilled gap, but was unexpectedly caught in the get out. "I'm busy in the kitchen,scarpe mbt,, I heard it on his son sister caught in it,, I was shocked!"
Fireman timely rescue
Ms. Hui immediately ran downstairs,, got into the gap between, trying to pull her out, but the child is too big, half drilled after the entrance. At this time there are many well-meaning neighbors to come and help,mbt outlet,, someone to take over a very long nylon rope tied thrown into the cracks in the body called the child,, we Wangwaimian pull, but we work hard, Xinxin called,, "No, no it can not be pulled I caught! "neighbors are worried about a child to pull off the bones. Ms. Hui rushed to the police.
Reporters saw, is located just holes in the wall inside a grocery store. According to the grocery store owner,, after the time firefighters came,babyliss curl secret, he decided to open a hole to save. "In order to rescue the child, smashed the wall is worth, I immediately move away things for them to save!" Ms Hui said that after the accident, she was very grateful for her help about a neighbor, also came in time firefighters gratitude .