then the spot and arrested.

Yongzhou News newspaper on November 29, when Qiyang County Public Security Bureau police patrol unit routine inspections, it was found that the county fell into the water pond lotus seeds, so in spite of the icy pond will leap into the pond rescued two people,, but the police was so ridiculous is one of them turned out to snatch suspect,scarpe mbt, then the spot and arrested.
0900 morning around 8:30, Qiyang County Public Security Bureau police patrol unit on routine patrol when the pond lotus seeds to the county, suddenly found the pond shore around over the masses,, came closer, the original two people fell into the pond, is stop struggling, seeing the drowning person was offshore drift farther and farther, police Wang Shi no time to reflect,karen millen outlet, while accompanying members told rescue tools ready, while one person alone from the shore jumped into the icy pond. 3 minutes later, a muddy water Wang Shi finally breath will be two security ashore.
However,mbt outlet, while the police were ready when asked about the situation,, but put up Aunt walked forward firmly grasp the hand of police,, pointing to one other person was put up shouting: "Police comrades,scarpe mbt,, quickly grabbed him grabbing guilty, do not let him get away. "Just at that moment,karen millen outlet, and before the suspect completely react,, agile police to a firmly grasp.
After preliminary examination, the suspect Zhu (now 36 years old, drug addicts,, people Qiyang County Wu Town),, 20 minutes ago in the central town Mausoleum Street robbed a pair of gold earrings victim, the victim in the back has been chasing after was the victim caught in the pond lotus seeds, when pushing each other, they accidentally fell into the pond lotus seeds, thanks to timely ashore by police.
Correspondent Juan Ma Jianmin Grope