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Yangcheng Evening News reporter reports: Valentine's Hong Kong birth,karen millen outlet, he received $ 50,000; lover to go to Hong Kong to give birth, he received an agency fee of HK $ 160,000 yuan ...... Reporter learned yesterday, the Guangzhou Chemical Industry Group Co., former general manager Xu oneworld bribery of about 130 million,babyliss curl secret,, is in Guangzhou City Intermediate People's Court for taking bribes of First Instance sentenced to 7 years imprisonment and confiscation of property 100,000 yuan. The prosecution alleged the amount of crime contrast, a total of 400,000 yuan has not been identified as bribery court.
January of this year, Xu oneworld career just been notified of Guangzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline "sacked."
The court found that, during his tenure, Xu oneworld advantage of his office,, has for , Leimou Tao, Li Moukui, Zhengmou Song (both handled separately), who co-founded the new company introduced the project and construction etc. to provide help, said a total of accepting bribes of 885,000 yuan personnel, HK 458,000 yuan and 31,000 yuan worth of shopping card.
Zhengmou Song is one of bribery, is also an engineering contractor. In 2011,, when he was introduced to any of Guangzhou Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. General Manager Xu Universe, thank Xu Universe to take care of him to do the project, he was a total of HK $ 310,000 yuan bribe Xu Universe, most of which Xu Universal's Valentine Wu Mouling are directly related.
in testimony that she was pregnant with a child, because there is no birth certificate, mainland hospitals can not birth,, went to Hong Kong for check. In Hong Kong, she received the card, said there are ways to have children in Hong Kong, cost about $ 150,000.
Zhengmou Song recalled, in 2012, he has three to Xu oneworld 310,babyliss curl secret,000 Hong Kong dollars in commissions: first,, one day in early 2012,, Xu Universe with his lover check-ups in Hong Kong, which the hospital lobby to see Universe after Xu, Xu gave the 50,000 Hong Kong dollars Universe; second,mbt outlet, Xu from Hong Kong back to Guangzhou Universe, called and said children to go to Hong Kong, the Hong Kong side allowed to help contact the agency, after he help contact the agency, took 160,000 Hong Kong dollars in cash; the third is the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2012, he was taking advantage of the holidays to visit Xu Universe, gave Xu oneworld 100,,000 Hong Kong dollars.
Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court believes that Xu Universe as a national staff, used his position to illegally accepting other people's property, seek benefits for others, constituted bribery. Xu Universe crime prosecutor accused the majority of the facts are clear, the evidence is reliable and sufficient, accused guilty, but the accused Xu Universe to borrowed 400,karen millen dress,000 yuan bribes to insufficient evidence, the court shall not be found.
Given Xu Universe have surrendered and some ill-gotten gains and other circumstances in mitigation, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court of first instance verdict, Xu Universe bribes,, sentenced to 7 years imprisonment and confiscation of 100,000 yuan. Editor: Wu Jiahong
(Original title: state-owned veterans Valentine's Hong Kong birth contractors bribe boss sent an agency fee)
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