Police found him working in Nanjing

Students ought Liu graduated this summer, from the beginning of last year, family members,http://www.rockclimbing.com/cgi-bin/photos/jump.cgi, classmates, teachers would not contact him. Later, with the help of Nanjing Pukou Public Security Bureau of the police,scarpe mbt outlet, parents find it hard to hide his factory workers. It turned out that many programs fail him, and can not graduate as scheduled, feel sorry for his family, before playing away. Thankfully,mbt outlet, he did well in the unit, but the boss as a training object. Correspondent Wang Qiang Qin wing Modern Express reporter Li Shaofu
Seniors lost contact, family alarm
In early June last year, the Pearl River Pukou police station received the alarm from Nantong Liu, said the reading of a university senior at Pukou Liu son missing. Police understand that, Liu in early May last year after leaving school to practice,http://www.kochi-yeg.ne.jp, they lost contact. His cell phone is empty.
Through extensive investigation police found that Liu family before the police, he did not have any exceptions. Logout phone number,babyliss curl secret, real-name registration accommodation, Internet, ranging from bank teller, etc., are Liu himself is.
Police initially concluded, Liu did not suffer duress, coercion,http://www.rockclimbing.com/cgi-bin/videos/search.cgi, is normal behavior for individual dominant. Considering he is an adult, the police can only be registered as ordinary people lost, unable to stand expand the investigation of criminal cases.
Next, the police also found some clues, and follow-up investigations, but to no avail.
Police found him working in Nanjing
Not long ago,babyliss curl pas cher, Pukou police launched there is a population of households in the area to verify the registration of the range, and specifically the establishment of a database. Pearl River police station Liu Wang Zhe always remember things,http://kesennuma-yeg.com/diary/diary.cgi, by searching the database,http://recit.cadre.qc.ca/~cmi/spip.php?article11, he found northbound in the registration information in a cell, there is Liu's relevant information. He immediately rush over,http://www.electrothermalheating-748013.adminkc.cn, and found refuge in Liu had left several days.
Had learned from the landlord, Liu rent for two months, and later said to live in the factory dormitory.
In order to find as soon as possible Liu, Wang Zhe his photos to Pukou branch established community police QQ group,http://usr.cc/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=,babyliss pro perfect curl, make the whole community police branch to pay attention when company visits. A few days ago, the community police Pukou along the police station, said Liu was found in an electronics factory work.
Parting year, the father and son finally meet
Yesterday morning, Wang Zhe with Liu's father, accompanied by community police station along the river rushed to the factory. Company manager who confirmed that the photograph is indeed the company's mechanic Liu. Later, in the manager's office,http://cdurable.info/spip.php?article3192, has been more than a year and his son did not meet each other, the two cried together.
Police learned that Liu before the internship several courses that do not pass, it is difficult to graduate, I feel ashamed, afraid to go home to face their parents. He simply no longer in touch with his family, working in Nanjing alone, hoping to break some world back then.
Thankfully, Liu because diligent, willing to study, it is now technology leader, the company is also preparing to send his post-graduate training. Liu said that it will not try to make-over subjects as soon as possible to get a diploma.