many times with people in the sex trade

Readings Mei-US: From 4000-5000000000
"Beauty" Comment: hype fame "inspirational story"
Mei-US spent three years, fried red himself,, uninterrupted irreparably exposed so that they are active in the forefront of public opinion, but no matter what aspect of the message are inseparable show off their wealth on the subject, so Mei-US banknotes come from?
19 years in exchange for the pot of gold
August 2010, Wang Jun to introduce girls to help their friends play, friends introduced the Mei-US. Mei Mei flew from Beijing to Shenzhen, Wang arranged for her hotel the next day told her in a relationship, when she asked me for 30,000 dollars. After that,, she wants to look for the money Wang will fly to Shenzhen from Beijing,karen millen outlet, Wang arranged accommodation and a time to be nurturing her 50,000 fee.
Since then, Mei-US out of the north drift formal identity, is keeping open the day, while her first gold master encountered is the red fraternity shareholders Wang Jun, Wang Jun was started by real estate, then just make some investment money, through Shenzhen Hua Investment Co., Ltd. to invest 500 million in the red fraternity.
It is the "godfather" of the emergence of so Mei Mei flourishes, "Maserati" and "names package show" turned out.
And Mei-US this pot of gold "godfather", which means "was only 19 years old, is a little shy, not wanting to admit boyfriend large so than myself, so just said Wang Jun is the godfather." Mei said the United States, she did not expect more pull, the more pull clear.
By Red fried red himself open to commercial speech in the name of high-priced prostitution
To increase the capital to show off, Mei-US according to their own imagination, the personal microblogging certification was renamed from "singer actress" to "Chinese Red Cross commercial general manager" release luxury cars, luxury goods and other luxury lifestyle show off photos, will She herself, the Chinese Red Cross Red fraternity had no relations in advance of the vortex of public opinion.
After the rise to fame, has returned to the artist Mei-US identity, signing a southern performing arts companies, the company arranged for her at least 50 times a year, "Night of commercial speech", each paid 50,000 yuan,scarpe mbt outlet, which is their main source of income. But the police verification, Mei-US so-called "commercial speech" is less than 20 games, the more it is by "commercial speech" in the name of the sex trade.
According to Mei-US statement, in July 2013, on receipt of the other 50,000 yuan deposit, according to Mei-US agreement from Beijing to Guangdong Jieyang at a hotel to meet with a man, and received its 300,000 Hong Kong dollars,scarpe mbt outlet, the the two had sexual relations. Jocie Kok back to Beijing after, the man sinks to her 110,000 yuan.
"Mei-US liaison through the Internet, and take the initiative to strike up an acquaintance introduced a variety of ways, many times with people in the sex trade, a price tag of several hundred thousand dollars each." Police investigators.
Character performances to join the TV drama
Had "rich second and soft mode inciting debauchery" and the infamous "Rendez-Vous", now it became a movie remake. A subject Mei Mei has become even participating protagonist, also playing in the play car shock,, etc. passion play, to fight eye. Then shooting the TV drama of the same name, "I am Mei-US."
Kangaroo gamble to make money another open gate
By the end of 2012, Mei-US casinos in Macau met a professional Texas Hold'em gamblers Kang Moumou (Chinese translation, foreign),, soon developed into lovers and living together in Beijing. In February 2013,, Mei Mei and planned casino in Beijing, its assistant Lv Moumou life to come forward,karen millen dress,, in the Chaoyang District, Beijing West Tower mansion in the price of 19,000 yuan per month to rent a house for Shedu . Subsequently, Mei Mei and Kang Moumou purchase tables, chips, POS machines.
Thereafter, every time Mei-US own hire professional licensing hand,, looking for the person responsible for the settlement of gambling money, and call or send micro letter to invite "friends" on-site gambling, she herself drawn 3-5% of the rebate as a "water money." Police initially verified, Mei-US open gambling gambling money amount per game in more than a million dollars, her personal by "pumping" several hundred thousand dollars of illegal profit.
In the name of fried names clicks for cash
"Mei-US gambling in Macau gambling debt owed 260 million yuan," news hit,, has now been confirmed but a website to enhance traffic, and Mei-US collusion and made a false speculation. To avoid being seen through speculation, carefully set the play within the play,babyliss curl secret, followed by exposure of the "new backer" Buzz Click climax.
In two waves of false speculation, Mei-US to obtain 40 million chips, followed to give 100,000 yuan.
Sex and gambling, Mei-US two-pronged approach, the fall of the money in the sea.
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