my brother also did not come back

Night of the incident Moumou village doctors are still playing cards on the table. Our reporter Han micro photo
The evening of June 19, Zaozhuang City, Yicheng District,babyliss curl pas cher, South Street Liu Wu Lin Wang Sihai village, because of physical discomfort, to the village clinic doctor, hung up the bottle, the doctor went to play cards. Two bottles did not end, Wang Sihai down in the infusion room, was sent Yicheng District People's Hospital died.
Doctors cards go hang bottle
On the 25th, the reporter went to Wu Lin Yicheng District,scarpe mbt, Zaozhuang City Street South Village Wang Sihai home, the family is still immersed in grief. sister said, and now the family can not accept what happened: just ordinary injection, how it makes people gone? "At 20:00 on June 19 and more, my brother felt uncomfortable, in a quantity of household thermometer, 37 .5 ℃, went to the village clinic injections. Later, I see more and more time late brother's wife, my brother also did not come back, he ran clinics look at the situation. I did not expect, to the clinic infusion room to see my brother lying on the ground, how to call did not respond. The clinic's doctor,, but are separated by five houses a same room playing cards, did not know the patient fainted here. "
sister said, was from a doctor who learned to play cards that night clinic doctors Moumou only one person, to hung bottle, Moumou went to the west side of the house to play cards, while alone was left in the house apart five easternmost infusion room.
"They said a few cards,, so after the first bottle of fluids when my brother also call a doctor to change the needle, changing the needle after completing the doctor went to play cards until I went to siblings,, doctors just panicked, any rescue measures are not, directly to the handlebars of my brother pulled the District People's Hospital, but the hospital, doctors said people have had the best rescue time, people can not be saved back. "Wang Sihai sister said.
"Poker doctor" has XingJu
"I heard this before in our village doctors in the hospital fired boiler, and later test the rural doctor qualification certificate, placed in our village when the village doctor that there are two doctors, and nurses, and later on the left Under the name Dr. Sun Di and his wife here to give us a doctor. "South Village villagers told reporters.
Reporters came to Wu Lin rural hospitals, met President Wang hospitals. President Wang said, the village sent down through a rural village doctors doctors qualification examination, and obtain the relevant certificate, in rural hospitals have sent all these under a doctor's archives. Moreover, people who want to obtain a qualification certificate, you need to have the appropriate qualifications. When asked whether the file can be viewed South Liu village health practitioners Moumou, the reporter was informed that the doctor in charge of records management is not the hospital,, specific cases, other people do not know.
As rural doctors directly under the management units,scarpe mbt, rural hospitals if relevant responsibilities from the sudden death in this incident? Practice accident, whether Moumou village doctors will be revoked qualification certificate was ordered to not be allowed to practice medicine? During the interview,, the township hospital official said,babyliss curl pas cher,, the hospital management as a rural doctor subordinate units, all in the deal with the accident will be conducted in accordance with judicial procedures,, as for village doctors whether someone will be resumed practicing certificate revoked, will be appropriate, in accordance with the relevant provisions deal with. Reporters learned from the police station, Wu Lin,babyliss curl pas cher, village doctors Moumou XingJu.
I do not agree with the autopsy the cause of death a mystery
Autopsy can determine the cause of death of the deceased, but the family of the deceased for autopsy, but differences of opinion. Sister of the deceased, said she and younger brother's wife are in support of an autopsy, but the life and death of old father does not agree, the autopsy has not signed a consent form, particularly his brother's death remains a mystery.
Reporters came to the sudden death of the deceased at the time of injection clinic, the door has been locked. Reporters from the clinic back wall of windows looking in on the night of the incident Moumou and other doctors in the room playing cards, playing cards still at the table. During the interview, the deceased sister said, because the early death of his mother, father, suffering from depression, the death of his son, the condition of the elderly has become serious, simply can not do an autopsy to listen to such a thing. Do not do an autopsy so that a person in a dilemma.
"Do not do an autopsy, no one can arbitrarily determine, is dead for their own reasons, or because of drug deaths, rely on autopsy results to determine." Wu Lin police station said the incident is still under investigation.
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