In an interview with reporters

□ "kindergarten is too difficult places are routed to the next two years," the follow-up
Quality nursery supply and demand less and less financial allocations allow to build gardens admission fee to become the unspoken rules
After this newspaper reported that nursery admission difficult news, hotline constantly, interactive topic always focused on a "difficult" words. Reporters will classify the parents point of view, we think that "difficult" for two reasons: nursery places too; nursery fees are too high.
At present, Chengdu market nursery school fees,, ranging from 1000 to 20,000 yuan, why should receive so much money, they used the money gone? Reporters visited the different categories of six kindergartens,, listen to the principal, the teachers talk about.
In an interview with reporters, each kindergarten are very clear to say "build park fee" and "donate tuition fees" and other words, the fee forthrightly. Principals who have complained: "The government less investment,, high-quality nursery too little, leading to lack of nursery places quota for admission must be the main reason for high prices." They lament awkward, to reporters calculations nursery expenditure account.
Spending a pay half of teacher salaries
Kindergarten Why build park fee income? Authorities said a kindergarten, kindergarten distinguished schools, does not belong to nine-year compulsory education stage,scarpe mbt outlet, only the difference between the state's appropriation, it can only self-financing Office Park. Teachers' salaries are a big expenditure: "Our school is only about 50 percent of the teachers can get within the preparation of financial payment of wages, not including benefits, and the rest come from staff salaries only shared by the collective and individuals? For example, Orchard fee deducted. "
The principal said the school children outside the park not only difficult, but also greatly exceeded the park dolls, super class amounted to about 15 people,karen millen sale, the current general teacher-student ratio in kindergarten reached 1:10, or even 1:12, teacher loads considerably.
"Body tired, tired, tired heart and brain,, wages are not high." Xiaoming (a pseudonym), 12 years of teaching experience, salary less than 2000 yuan. "I meet every morning at 7:20 for duty early school children generally do not nap at noon, according to seasons, festivals and
Teaching activities carried out timely replacement class environment, furnished nursery. PM did not have to go home to rest, have a few children's piano tutor, Zhengdian extra money to support their family. "However, she stressed, was the first place in the kindergarten.
Expenditure pay rent and hardware and software upgrades
A private kindergarten, said the high cost of private, large expense that rent, "medium-sized nursery,scarpe mbt outlet, annual rent at 20-30 million range." Public park by the state to build the park, why build park fee also ranks stubbornly high?
A public park director said, because the kindergarten would have not received enough money should DEGREES spawned tight market but help smooth the nursery expenses. "Now the fees for kindergartens is 10 years ago, the price of nuclear and infant classes receive a monthly 500 yuan, 440 yuan per month to close a large middle shift, and now cost survey shows at least 1,500 yuan a month." Expenditures include the bulk of equipment update, add, teacher training and so on.
"One of the hotel needs renovation 5 years once, but three years in kindergarten must be updated every hardware, or at a higher level in the software,, or no parents are willing to send their children here." Several principals have said that although the full degree but must take into account sustainable development,scarpe mbt outlet, parents want their children to use the whiteboard, computer, multimedia,, piano, air conditioning. It is understood that the kindergarten in evaluating management departments at all levels are also costly,babyliss pro perfect curl, a private kindergarten only in the district in kindergarten this year to upgrade the evaluation to spend 100,000 yuan, "the kindergarten level is high, and can be more trusted by parents." Principal He said of course not rule out some kindergartens charge to profit from.
Spending three daily necessities and utilities
In a bit of scale kindergarten, wash, wipe your mouth, respectively disinfecting wipe or towel drying,, wipe with a paper towel is brand paper towels. Kindergarten, said: "water, electricity, vegetables, daily necessities costs, these expenses had to build gardens daily fee charged ah." It is understood that
Prices and education sectors in recent years has increased the nursery food hygiene supervision, regular checks, so many public parks will be unified procurement of food in supermarkets, "even the seasonings are afraid to purchase in the free market,, so as the prices go up kindergarten costs will increase. "
They told reporters that the past two months the cost of the relevant departments have undertaken research in kindergarten, kindergarten fees have been relevant departments of the attention, they also want to make as much as possible as primary and secondary schools as kindergarten management specification, there is a uniform standard, "Do not Let us live in the cracks embarrassing. "