together with the mistress

Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Wang Hongwei and Tong Xunyuan Xiaoyu Zhiqiang man "affair", asked for a divorce repeatedly refused, together with the mistress,, who strangled his wife after the corpses thrown in the waste mine. Yesterday, Sanmenxia Intermediate People's Court hearing of this cause affair triggered postmortem murder case, but not in court for sentencing.
Mine owners affair,, intends to get rid of his wife & nbsp;
Nearly Pentecostal Tianchi Mianchi County town was originally a farmer Zhang Kui, a few years ago,mbt outlet, he opened in Mianchi bauxite and coal mines, to earn a lot of money. In 2006, Zhang Kui know the beautiful face of insurance salesman Zhao Xiaohong, the two renting cohabitation, and meet their marriage after divorce.
2007,babyliss pro perfect curl, Zhao Xiaohong smooth divorce, but his wife Lu Zhang Kui change cloud strongly disagree divorce.
Lu Yun-for-thought,scarpe mbt outlet,, she and Zhang Kui married for many years, and now his family was better, the children are over 20 years old, Zhang Kui have to a small three divorced, I can not agree.
Since then, Zhang Kui repeatedly to divorce, were rejected.
In 2009, Zhang Kui's divorce is still not progress. Zhao Xiaohong Zhang Kui wanted to leave, ready to go to Shenzhen to find friends. Zhang Kui did not agree, saying lose his wife to get rid of.
After strangled his wife, Shen corpse meters deep
February 2010 21 evening 8:00,,karen millen outlet, Zhang Kui driving their own black Santana sedan to go to account by the LU change cloud cheated out of sitting in the copilot position, and in the way of his brother Zhao Xiaojun Zhao Xiaohong connected. When reaching near Mianchi County orchard Gengcun,, Zhao Xiaojun with a nylon rope fierce Leroux change cloud neck, causing the suffocation death.
Subsequently, the two drivers will swap Lu Yun's body thrown to the meters within an abandoned mine.
That night, Zhang Kui said after arriving home two sons cheated, angry clouds change Lu ran away from home. The next day, both families looking for but no one o'clock news. Lu Yun's sister exchange swap began to suspect Lu Yun was killed Zhang Kui.
July 1, 2010,scarpe mbt, Zhang Kui relatives escorted to Mianchi County Public Security Bureau surrendered that night,, Zhao Xiaojun,, Zhao Xiaohong also arrested. & Nbsp; & nbsp;
Trial, the three confessed to the crime,, remorse. The case will choose a sentencing date.