how will gas poisoning

Morning News & nbsp; February 8 19 am,, in the Hefei High-tech Zone Xing Park District, four men and a woman were found dead at home. It is understood that the five per capita is close to the cell of a hair salon employee, the cause of death was identified as carbon monoxide overdose.
8, 21 am, the night enveloped the Hindu community garden seemed very calm. The incident of 52 buildings were blocked by police tape,karen millen dress,, within 50 meters of any person shall not pass. After the front building, a number of onlookers gathered residents.
"Great New Year's, how will gas poisoning, a serious matter so ah?" 8 pm just returned from the field back to Hefei, Mr. an ancient standing outside the cordon,babyliss curl secret, softly talking about.
Live in the same building of a small mountain,, has been at home during the Chinese New Year, almost did not how a married, she did not notice any anomaly, "from downstairs through,, there is no smell strange taste, how would cause such a large gas leak The accident it? "looked out of the police, there is little doubt a stomach Yue heart.
Crowd, two young men walked hurriedly front, upstairs, they somber,babyliss curl pas cher, silent all the way. According to residents informed introduction, these two young men lived in the incident room, and five deceased colleagues, but also the discoverer of the accident.
8 in the evening time, a small hair salon staff Qin (a pseudonym) from the end of the vacation home back to Hefei, rented the house door locked, windows closed. Small Qin knocked for a long time no one answered the door,scarpe mbt outlet, he felt a little strange,, then try to turn on the second floor from the broken window into the room downstairs.
Entered the house, small Qin he froze. The room was filled with a strong smell of gas, the living room, dressed in pajamas paralyzed female colleagues in the bathroom door, she shouted a small Qin few times, but nothing happened. This should be in the house several other male colleagues have not disappeared.
Small Qin embolden opened the bathroom door and found four male colleagues lying on the bathroom Guangzhebangzi equally there is no sound. Upon seeing the small Qin panic call 110.
Unfortunately, after examination confirmed that five colleagues have been small Qin died, including three men who have emerged Shiban, the time of death more than a day, another man and woman dead time over eight hours.
Detected by the relevant personnel, preliminary identification of the reasons for the deaths of five people excessive intake of carbon monoxide, suggesting that a gas leak was the bath, resulting in accidents.
According to reports, five of the dead were employees of a nearby hair salon,, aged between 21 years to 28 years. As of 22:00 reporters to leave,, the police are still on-site investigation,babyliss curl secret,, the specific reasons for the accident pending further inquiries.
Since the beginning of winter, the city has many incidents of gas poisoning during the Spring Festival is still the accident continues. To remind the general public, when home use gas appliances, pay attention to safety, proper ventilation windows, in order to avoid recurrence of pity. Reporter Wang Liang