According to Kim

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[Female University Students in Jinan Railway Station take the black car was 52-year-old man imprisoned sexual abuse] at 8:54 on August 25, Jinan police cracked female students were abducted sexual abuse case. On behalf of a suspect (52 years old) initiative to strike at the train station to ride the electric car to send their girls to go to the West Railway Station to the famous cheat residence,, tied its implementation, gag, beatings, intimidation, rape, and the use of drugs and sex Tools abused its repetitious.
& Nbsp; August 21, a female university student in Jinan Railway Station mistake on a black car, black truck driver was kidnapped, imprisoned four days, was during several beatings,babyliss curl secret, rape, sexual abuse. 25, female students to take advantage of the suspects do not prepare breakfast, secretly sent a distress message using a cell phone. Jinan police after the alarm, only 120 minutes put the suspects were arrested, while the rescued victims.
Dazhong News Jinan August 26 (trainee reporter Fan Sisi) August 21, a female university student in Jinan Railway Station mistake on a black car,karen millen sale, black car drivers were kidnapped, imprisoned four days, was during several beatings, rape, sexual abuse. 25, female students to take advantage of the suspects do not prepare breakfast, secretly sent a distress message using a cell phone. Jinan police after the alarm, only 120 minutes put the suspects were arrested, while the rescued victims.
A public report from Beijing:
Nvwang sent a distress message,, saying kidnapped
August 25 morning 8:54, Jinan City District police received a warning phone call from Beijing citizens. Police called it Nvwang Kim was kidnapped in Jinan, request police assistance.
According to alarm people Sun (male,babyliss curl secret, 41 years old, domicile Beijing), said that morning received a strange number of sent messages, SMS,scarpe mbt outlet, whose friends Kim (female, 22 years old, students) said they had been kidnapped a. Kim said the exact location is not clear, only know about a man named "Dragon Village" in Jinan City, where Kim is kidnapped while their men do not pay attention when using their mobile phones issued a distress message.
After receiving the alarm,, Jinan police attention, according to the clues provided by the police, and immediately the instruction of Jinan Seven Sages of the police station to find. Village police station of the area quickly, especially with the informant mentioned in the "Dragon Village" area similar large inventory.
Jinan police rushed detected:
Alarm 120 minutes soon suspects arrested
MoPai rapidly sages police station area in the villages. To gain time, police station full out,, a one find suspects. When the inventory to Ssangyong village a rental, police found the second floor of a room just close the door very suspicious, then approached the door. Initially, the house has no answer. The police continued to knock on the door, a 50-year-old man came to the door. But for the police entered the room inventory requirements, for various reasons refused to identify the man.
Man's attitude to police feel increasingly suspicious. After persist into the house, the police immediately found a young woman curled up in the corner of the sofa. Woman facial injury, eyes red and swollen, trance, who just wrapped in a sheet. For the arrival of the police, the woman at first nothing happens. Police asked his name, the woman said Kim, and took identification from the house with a black backpack to the police show. According to Kim, he said he was inside the house and raped men kidnapped so far has been for several days.
After further investigation, police confirmed that the woman is to issue a piece of gold distress message in person to the informant Sun. Police quickly suspects inside the control, back to the police station for questioning. Meanwhile, Kim victim immediately taken to hospital for the relevant inspection.
The suspect had several convictions:
Four days in several beatings, rape, sexual abuse victims
After interrogation, the suspect on behalf of a male, 52 years old, Liaoning Fushun. Aug. 21 at 7 pm, on behalf of a ride electric vehicles at the Jinan Railway Station wandering, met just under the train victim Kim, then its strike. Kim learned after going to transfer to Tai'an, Jinan West Railway Station, on behalf of a means that can be sent to Kim,scarpe mbt, charges 50 yuan. Finally, both with fares negotiated price of $ 30. It is on behalf of a confessed, he did not know the way to the West Railway Station, just one person saw gold go, to take the opportunity to cheat money. Until missed the departure time, Kim was very angry, to send their claim on behalf of a return to the train station. On behalf of a slow ground with electric vehicles, split for a three-wheeled motorcycle. Subsequently,, on behalf of a victim of a gold band to his residence in the village of Ssangyong, its implementation bundled, gag, intimidation, rape, during repeated use of drugs and tools for Kim sexual abuse.
The suspect claimed to own over the years on behalf of a third term girlfriend numerous injuries. When asked why such a means to treat a 22-year-old young woman stranger, on behalf of a said: "You will when I psychopathic it, I just want revenge."
Kim told police the victim, August 21 evening, on behalf of a first Jinan West Railway Station to send themselves to the ground, electric car ride with his turn in the city for a long time. Then for a three-wheeled motorcycle, and bring their own to their homes. It is in this car three motorcycles,, on behalf of a particular embodiment gold for the first time rape. Kim said at the time he had tried to resist, but on behalf of a tightly grabbed his neck and threatened to "fight to kill you again." Kim very afraid, finally gave up resistance.
According to Kim, said it was on behalf of a hostage after the home, during the day was beaten, intimidation, rape, abuse repeatedly. At the same time, on behalf of a very strict custody on their own, almost refused to leave. Every night before going to sleep tied his hands and feet, blocked the mouth with a rag, and locked the door. Kim is from the downstairs children frolic mouth, overheard their location is "Dragon Village." Until the 25th in the morning, while Kim on behalf of a do not prepare breakfast, secretly use mobile phones to the users on behalf of a Sun sent a distress message piece.
According to the police verification, from 1983 to date, it has four times on behalf of a theft, detention, public security organs to be treated lewd women. They are: 1983, for rape was sentenced to 10 years according to the law; in 2010, due to the illegal detention of women to be treated the public security organs; 2012 because of indecent assault of women to be treated by the police. There are also a theft convictions.
In suspects on behalf of a Ssangyong village rental office,, police found an ex-convict proof. Proof display, on behalf of a just been released from prison in October 2013, was less than a year away from the crime.
 At present, on behalf of a suspect on suspicion of rape,, it has been under criminal detention