Liu Weidong phoned supplier Chan River District

Hot days, drink a few glasses of cold beer this is a very pleasant thing. Luoyang people can Weidong but for this pleasant thing "very hurt" when drinking with friends "Luoyang Palace" beer, he was scratched right foot bottle of beer bottle glass fragments blew, seeing a week later,karen millen sale, lying in a hospital bed Liu Weidong parties concerned have not been a satisfactory statement. □ East today reported trainee reporter Shu Bao
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Beer bottle blew wounding right foot
Yesterday, in Luoyang City People's Hospital, the reporter saw Liu Weidong reclining on a bed, his injured right leg bent at the inner side of his right heel, palm-sized piece of gauze wrapped around. "You see, this place is to be injured by the explosion of a beer bottle." Then, Liu Weidong endured the pain slowly opened the gauze, an ebony wound closure marks revealed itself.
According to Liu Weidong introduction, July 28 19 am, he and seven friends went to a restaurant in the old town of North Street, party in the restaurant's elegant 2 room, it unanimously recommended to drink a cold beer. Then the waiter brought a bunch of (9 bottles) "Luoyang Palace" beer.
Time is not long, the third bundle "Luoyang Palace" beer drinking only the last two bottles, then someone got up to go to the bathroom, because the impact of feed out, Liu Weidong put in two bottles of beer moved to the front door. The rest since then chat while drinking. Xing is strong talk when suddenly came under the table "bang" muffled, we found the inside of the right foot with Weidong is planning to open a thirty-four cm long hole in the blood, such as Quan. Immediately, we call 110 and rushed to a nearby Luoyang City People's Hospital for treatment, the wound is sewn 4-pin.
【Shirk responsibility】
Victim not reasonably say
However, let Liu Weidong puzzled that one week later, in addition to the restaurant of the responsible person Liu Weidong have to pay 2,000 yuan for medical expenses,, the incident involving the relevant suppliers and beer manufacturers like are evasive,, did not give he was a satisfactory statement.
Liu Weidong said angrily, after negotiations, Luoyang Asia Brewery Ltd. Jen a salesman called the next day to the hospital in the survey had happened, but also to Liu Weidong on investigation records signed and promised to August 1 manufacturers Aftermarket is responsible for the hospital staff will consult to resolve the matter.
However,babyliss pro perfect curl, until August 2nd factory Weidong did not see any staff over, but did not receive a consolation call. At noon, Liu Weidong phoned supplier Chan River District, Luoyang City, China and Thailand Wan Wholesale Department Yang Wenxiu, Liu Weidong Yang Wenxiu immediately rejected and met him on the phone said: "I did not Luoyang Palace beer made me when not home, can not on behalf of manufacturers. "
Weidong and permanent contact with any of the other told him that the investigation has been reported to the service sector, and be placed on file, "as to whether to come,scarpe mbt,, we have no control." Jen also told Liu Weidong,, so call the customer service phone beer bottle, but Liu Weidong kept allocated three hours, telephone communication has no answer.
Reporters saw Yang Wenxiu painstakingly Chan River Area in a large warehouse. Yang Wenxiu explained that they Huatai Wan Wholesale Department of Luoyang directly supplied by Asia Brewery Co., and he was just a "distribution" personnel,babyliss pro perfect curl, the task is to each point of delivery. The reason refused to meet with the victim, mainly because he can not deal with this matter.
Weidong am very helpless. "We probably will not bomb to hurt other people." Liu Weidong said, hey beer put there no action, nor by the impact, the quality of beer bottles may have a problem, otherwise they would not easily burst. [Manufacturers] will respond to the relevant provisions to solve them
In the end is a self-destruct or man-made? For manufacturers, this is what kind of attitude, how to deal with victims of a satisfactory result?
Yesterday, the reporter saw Luoyang Asia Brewery Ltd. clerk Jen. Jen says he immediately investigated the matter,, look at the scene and found the complete burst catchy and bottom of the bottle, waist broken line blew cause. As for handling the situation, we do not actively address,, but according to the procedure being escalation companies.
Staff Luoyang Asia Brewery Co.,, Ltd. Marketing Department of the bank Zhang told reporters that the company's attitude is very positive for the matter yesterday,, the company responsible person has to visit the hospital to appease the victims, and made further investigation, see Liu Weidong really hurt. They recommended to treat the wounded recuperate, a good collection to prove the diagnosis, medication details,karen millen sale, hospital invoices, things through, the company will be procedures and regulations, be dealt with as soon as possible, give the victim a satisfactory result. For manufacturers of treatment advice, Liu Weidong said they would not agree.
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