it is in swimming lessons March 9 in. Thereafter

(Reporter ) swimming lessons, Qinghe an eight-year primary school and three female students were PE teacher Kang to correct posture by touching nakedness. To this end, the girls in this class are referred to Kang as "mango." It is this meaning "rogue" nickname, expose the true face of the teacher. Yesterday, Kang on suspicion of child molestation was arrested prosecutors.
March 23, Qinghe area an elementary school third graders Miao Miao (a pseudonym) and students went to swimming lessons. Swimming, she is a physical education teacher called Kang separate pool edge. Then,, Kang made her lie on the shore, making breaststroke. "You're in this position is not correct." Kang then put his hand to guide the name to the Miao Miao nakedness.
After that night to go home,,karen millen sale, Miao Miao told his mother what happened. Miao Miao said the boys did their class is the male teacher corrected posture.
That night, after the Miao Miao's parents and several other parents to exchange phone,, found the problem. Early the next day, they came to the school to reflect this problem. Subsequently, Kang was taken away Qinghe police station.
It is reported that not only Miao Miao suffered groping a person. In communication with parents and prosecutors, there are additional seven female students said they also have the same experience. And as early as February this year,, Kang will extend the "dirty hands." One girl said: "our class a total of 17 girls half of the girls said Jiang teacher is 'mango'." Why Kang called "Mango"? She explained that,scarpe mbt, in the middle of them, '' mango 'is the rogue means. "
In the police station, 24-year-old Kang explained that he in 2009 graduated from the University of Physical Education. The earliest in early February this year, he lent these grounds schoolgirl correct swimming posture, reach out and touch each other's nakedness. Second indecent girls,[url=http:/[url=http:/>The, it is in swimming lessons March 9 in. Thereafter,scarpe mbt outlet, the two swimming lessons 16 and 23 days,,babyliss curl secret,, he has for eight girls were molested. "My name is not on their names,, but I recognize their looks."
The face of police interrogation, Kang replied that he just "feel good wizards do so."
Yesterday, that its behavior has been suspected of child molestation,karen millen outlet, Haidian Procuratorate approved the arrest of Kang made a decision.
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