body scrub.

Chongqing Morning News reporters Luo Xuemei and Bao Dao
Brother as a father,scarpe mbt outlet, to take care of mentally retarded younger brother 60 years; son than the children, take care of mother three decades; neighbors like pro, what matter will go to help ...... 15 evening, "Top Ten People moved Banan" awards ceremony, when a bit ordinary citizen and firm to receive an award,, the audience broke into spontaneous applause.
He took care of mentally retarded younger brother 60 years
At the awards scene, white-haired YANG Li learned very drill, 85 years old, he has to take care forever 60 years old only child IQ's brother, with his brother get married, have children, deal with his brother stir up trouble.
YANG Li YANG Li Qing is the fourth brother to learn,, this has sixties brother,,mbt outlet, is entirely behind YANG Li Qing "Pidianpidian" grew up. YANG Li Qing retarded often secretly ran out to play, and sometimes other people's stuff smashed, "someone came to the door, YANG Li learn to come out 'fire', the fourth of hiding behind the boss ass smirk." The neighbors are laughing YANG Li learned that his brother The "fireman."
In order to take care of his brother,,scarpe mbt, YANG Li learn to sleep next to him. "He evening downtown, I want to talk with him." After his brother paralysis, YANG Li did not mind school, then pick feces urine, body scrub.
Brother fear hold back bad,,babyliss pro perfect curl, as long as the weather is good,, 85-year-old brother YANG Li-school should help out around. Even when his brother irritability Chelan clothes, YANG Li helped mend learn every stitch.
Wife ran
He insisted to take care of mother 29 years
Wife despise the poor at home and ran for 29 years, he would take care of the mother for 29 years. This 29-year period, it was act as a matchmaker, he refused,babyliss pro perfect curl,", "I just want to raise her daughter, to the mother pension nail in the coffin." 60-year-old Liu Fu said he helped do very common, "My mom left early, both mother When my mother raised. "
Wife heard from, in order to broaden the channels of breadwinner, Liu Bang bush-burning auxiliary apprentice. Liu taciturn auxiliary work very hard to help, and soon won the trust of the master intends to recruit a door-law.
"Definitely want to start a family, but the mother nobody pension nail in the coffin, I'm afraid to find wife ran." Liu Bang Fu said that this was the reason he refused to get married.
In this way,, his wife ran for nearly 30 years, he has the obligation to take care of mother for 30 years. Work earn him on the drawer, so that the mother simply take; special difficulties at home in those years, meat eating are left to the mother and daughter.
2013, De Shu Jian mother suffering from high blood pressure to fall, Liu Bang Fu is the end feces end urine, "I received a daughter think old age, I did not expect my son to finally give me pension." De Jian Shu learned that the son was rated Ten moved people to Banan, she kept saying to reporters: "I son really is a good man."
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