to find out the truth as soon as possible

Times July 30 (Reporter Sun Hua Tang Kai Wei intern) newspaper reports in recent days of Jiyang woman Zong red impostor 21 years after the event, the parties concerned attention. Report published the same day,karen millen dress, Jiyang set up a joint investigation team led by the Commission for Discipline Inspection,, supervision, public security, education, health, human resources and other departments. The officer said: "After the pending investigation,;, according to the investigation,babyliss curl secret,, we will deal with those who are responsible for serious,, never yield to tolerate."
Today, Jiyang County Health Bureau,, Department of Education, Bureau of Personnel,karen millen sale, Hospital and other relevant person in charge in an interview expressed,, although this impostor occurred since 21 years ago, currently head of the relevant unit was not in the office,mbt outlet, but They will continue to actively cooperate with the investigation, to find out the truth as soon as possible, but also the parties a fair deal.
Today, 11:45, reporters in Jiyang Jiyang County Chinese Medicine Hospital Personnel queried female doctor "Zong red" file. In a Fill in June 4, 1988 the "Shandong Province in 1988 secondary school enrollment Candidates Registration Form", the female doctor, "Zong red 'relatives a column that says" Father Wang Weisi, "" mother, Chen-joined,babyliss curl pas cher, "" brother Wangzong Ping ", and these are really Zong red relatives.
Reporters also found that female doctors,, "Zong red" posted on the "Shandong Province in 1988 secondary school enrollment of candidates registration form," the passport, in addition to their own photos a big gap. Zong red I confirm that this photograph is her own, rather than female doctors, "Zong red".
Reporter then went to the police station Jiyang County Cui Zhaizhen query "Zong red." --- Dramatic scene appeared genuine "Zong red" hukou simultaneously,outlet/" target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none;">">outlet/, one of them taken with Guo Lianxia hukou photo is the same person. All kinds of information show that female doctors "Zong red" is actually Guo Lianxia, even while she has "Guo Lianxia" and "Zong red" two household registration.
Police analysis: "Guo Lianxia impostor Zong red, is likely to re-do a fake hukou material, so that the original household registration is still hanging in the air, if not the impostor incident exposed the public security department, Guo Lianxia this domicile may have been empty hang.."